Essay Example: Divisiveness in Our Country Today

Published: 2022-03-02
Essay Example: Divisiveness in Our Country Today
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In the modern world today, people do not just disagree with others in a way that we have all along been familiar with for instance on the left or right political wings, there are much more profound dissimilarities afoot. People who disagree with the others' ideologies do not just disagree with them, but they actively disagree and feel that they are a threat to the nation; the hate is much more intense than before. Ever since the 2016 divisive elections, the divide among the citizens has become more intense, and these lines have been drawn through protest, cabinet selections, the internet, and the media.

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The sense that people in America are more divided than ever is backed with hard data. Partisans express their contempt harshly to their opponents, according to research more than 4 out of ten Republicans and democrats feels that the other sides strategies are misinformed and ill-advised that they are a risk to the country (Achenbach & Clement, 2016). Psychologically, the divide is probably not necessarily about race but culture. When people have a sense that they are all the same and united, several people have a predisposition to authoritarianism. Their people are not particularly hateful or racist when they sense the other parties are not a threat to their moral and social order. However when they are primed in an experiment by making them think that the society is apart and different they become more defensive, more racist, homophobic and they grow the urge to kick out the deviants.

The 2016 presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have only one similarity since they are the most unpopular presidential nominees in modern history. They share very different worldviews with often very dramatic opposing views and visions of how America should be and so are their supporters. On the other side, the racial divide is very intense, blacks and whites saw very different realities in the same country. For instance, about 88 percent of blacks feel that more needs to be done in their community while only 53 percent of whites feels the same. Every election leaves scars especially in recent times where the margins have become thinner. However, this massive divide between the two major parties is as a reflection of how the people feel like they are misrepresented politically hence a considerable increase in people who identify themselves as the independent. The main issues that Americans are divided into are the government's effectiveness and more social problems such as racial discrimination and homosexuality.

People like to support their team; this is called tribalism, a way of reasoning or conduct themselves in which individuals are exceptionally devoted to their tribe or social group, the tribe is not definitive, it can someone favorite team, workplace or ideology. People become incredibly loyal to their group regardless of whether they are right or wrong to be accepted as a human desire or naive realism. Since we live in a separate moral world, humans are all trapped in a matrix; each moral opinion is a consensual hallucination. People from one array feel that everything is entirely compelling that the other side is the worst in the world while someone else sees altogether different facts. Both parties are right, there are many threats, and each party is incompetent of seeing them all.


Achenbach, J., & Clement, S. (2016, July 16). America is divided than ever. Retrieved February 11, 2018, from The Washington Post:

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