Art Essay Sample Dedicated to Basquiat

Published: 2022-04-27
Art Essay Sample Dedicated to Basquiat
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The surprising thing about Basquiat life as an artist and his development and the things I learned.

I never knew that Basquiat had an accident that he was hospitalized at a very tender age. It is mind-blowing how this event instead of shutting him down made his star to light even more. Many children who involved in such an accident would have been traumatized the whole of their lives that their lives would have become full of fear especially considering that he even had the spleen removed.

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What is inspiring me is how the mother brought him a copy of Gray's Anatomy. She had known that her son loved art and hence the book was the best gift he could ever give to him. Thanks to her because this formed a foundation of his artwork. Later after he came out of the hospital and continued with his painting work, he would make visual reference to that book, and this made his paintings to even stand out more.

I have learned that in life it is always important to turn any bad situation to my advantage. However difficult and heartbreaking things sometimes look, there is always a way of making something good out of them. It is important to have a good attitude towards all the situation that comes into our life.

Basquiat support system and his challenges. The effect exposure had on him and the kind of success he experienced.

Basquiat had support since he was a small child and his parents supported his artwork from the age of four. The mother used to take him to theatre and museum, and I believe this supported his passion for art. However, he could have gotten some challenges when his parents separated, and I feel that is what made him run away and lived on the street selling painted T-shirts. This must have been his new support system because it is in these streets that he met people of the same mind as him who made him continue with his work.

The exposure on the street made him stand out, and his star even started shinning more when "Samo" logo in his painting became popular. Everyone became interested in his work because it stood out and soon he became a public and celebrity figure in art. He experienced the success of holding a huge fan of his work and selling many paintings at a good price.

The innovations that Basquiat brought in the history of art and what he was known for.

I believe Basquiat was one of the artists that brought revolution and innovativeness in the field of art. He made street art to be appreciated by people like never before through 'Samo' logo that became famous. He also had his paintings carrying the message in a special way as compared to other paintings and this made people love his kind of art.

Basquiat context of his autistic's work and how important were social, economic and political forces in his work.

It is evident that Basquiat artwork was tied to his life. Art was his life and whatever he did in his life was because of the art. For example, he dropped from school and ran away because he wanted to pursue art.

Art surrounded his social life. He kept the company of artist. Basquiat must have believed that he needed people who practised what he was good at and in this case the artists were the best option to consider. I believe his decision is what made him become a star because he had gained a lot of experience from the fellow artists.

The economic factor played a very major role in his success. In my view, when he made the first hundreds of thousands of dollars from his paintings, he became more inspired. He started drawing more paintings which were even more breathtaking to meet the demand of the fans who were buying these paintings at a very good price. In my view, if there had not been a breakthrough of his work regarding money generated by his paintings, he could not have been inspired to do even better paintings because there would be no gain.

The major changes of Basquiat artist's practices over the years and how his work changed and what caused the change.

I believe Basquiat artwork had the first massive change when he was on the street and the "Samo" slogan became popular. This must have been what made people know him and be interested in his work. The second major change I believe happened in 1981 when he sold 15 pieces of his work. This earned him a fortune, and it must have been the force that led him to do more and better paintings in order to satisfy the high demand for his work. The change that followed after this must have been as a result of the huge money he made.

Basquiat close community and what led him to keep them. The effects of like-mindedness of his friend on his work.Basquiat in my view realized the need to have the right company since he was 15 years of age. This must have been the reason for him dropping from school because he felt that he was gaining nothing. This led to the father banishing him, and he joined other artists on the street. By having a group of artists around him must have made him gain more experience and even helped in networking. I feel this is one of the main reason for his rise because these artists had similar ideas like him.

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Hoban, Phoebe. Basquiat. New York, N.Y.: Penguin Books, 2004. Print.

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