History Essay Example: Native American Conflict with European Settlers

Published: 2017-11-14
History Essay Example: Native American Conflict with European Settlers
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For more than 10000 years ago, the time when the level of the sea was low, the hunters managed to move to across and spread in North America. During this process, the Indian Americans later divided into different cultures as well as traditions but despite their chance of locations; they were determined to maintain communication with the others. The moment the Americans Indians moved to the Northern America, they managed to develop. The fact that the Indians were skilled created an opportunity to the colonialists who were already in the Northern America to gain from these skills. It is, therefore, my contention that the American Indian relations were primarily based on trade and other economic benefits.

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Native Americans and Europeans

From the start, the relationship between the Indians Americans and the French was primarily trade. The French were aware that the Indian were skilled individuals in making the beaver pelts that they exported to France earning a lot of money in the process. They then gave copper pots, the blankets, iron tools and the glass beads. The trade strengthens the relationship between the Native Americans and the colonialists resulting to intermarriages which led to cultural blend. The fact that these people were able to intermarry with one another led to the strengthening of their trade skills, and this is the reason they managed to bloom in trade.

There is also the concept of alliances that strengthened the Indians. It is argued that if the American Indian cooperation was not there, the Europeans could not have managed to take part in furs and skin trade. The fact these French traders managed to expand their territories and made an alliance with the Indian groups, they managed to come up with strong associations, and in the end, they managed to become economically stable. The unions also grew more active to the extent that they took part in military, which gave them more strength. Also, it is the trade stability that resulted to the economic development of the Northern America.

Europeans and Native Americans

However, despite the fact that the relations between the two were healthy leading in stable economic growth, there are others that argue that the relationship was not healthy given the fact that the capitalists are believed to have grabbed land from the natives. It is believed that these individuals acquired the lands from the Indian Americans without explaining to them and this caused adverse impacts to them. It is also believed that the colonists attacked the Indian villages where they burned down their villages destroying everything including their crops., and this resulted to one of the worst conflicts in the region.

Despite the arguments on what the colonial did to the Indians, I still believe that both the Indian Americans and the colonists wronged one another. For instance, the Indians stacked one of the ships that belonged to the European and injured some them. I think the most important thing to focus on is what these people gained from their relationship. Trade was the major thing that the two shared with one another, and this was the reason they managed to be strong financially. The fact that the Indian Americans managed to attain the best from the colonists is the reason I can contend that the American Indian relations were primarily based on trade and other economic benefits

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