Free Essay Example - Future Search Meeting

Published: 2023-03-23
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Question 1: Future Search

Future search helps the organization to transform its capability into action quickly. The planning meeting is focused on the tasks. The design of the meeting is highly structured and the basis is mainly on the principles and experiences initially tested. The issue that would most appropriately be addressed using future searches would be the need for more motivation to improve company productivity (Norum, 2005). Even when the situation seems hopeless, future search has the ability to unleash new hope and energy that will be necessary for improvement. There will be new discussions created that help to describe the ideal future scenarios hence action plans are crafted for a feasible route to the future they desire.

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Future search will be ideal to find common ground in the organization and has the power of visioning. The meeting seeks to enhance the quality of local decision-making in the context of the local agenda of the company (Norum, 2005). The organization will reach concrete plans to improve productivity by focusing on motivation. They will involve the stakeholders to find out what they can do more and enhance the normal perspective of work. They will be involved in job crafting or job redesign according to the strategy that will seem better for the organization.

Question 2: Future Search Meeting

A future search meeting brings together a large group of people. It is to mean that in the event of a conference, the stakeholders are the major people involved. In the initial planning of the conference, I would include the management team. They will do the work of ensuring that all plans are laid out quite well. They will take care of the activities that will go through in the conference such as the invitees and taking down the meetings. They are to determine what needs to be done for more changes to be seen.

The conference will involve the stakeholders such as the employees, shareholders, a few of the customers, and the surrounding community members. These are the main people necessary for any kind of developments in the organization and they see to it that implementations are made with immediate effect. In total, I would invite close to 70 members who are essential to the organization. Other specifics planning details to ensure the success of the conference would be the structure of the presentation. It will be such that every member contributes a point to address the issue at hand and that they sit comfortably. They will be provided with snacks for more comfort.

Question 3: Open Space Technology

Open space technology would be ideal to improve customer relationships in the organization. In simple terms, it is a powerful way to catalyze effective conversations for working so that organizations are able to thrive during times of swirling changes (Rogers, 2010). The key goal of open space technology is to create time as well as space where people can engage deeply and creatively around the issues of concern. The agenda is set by people who have the power and desire to see it through. With the open space meetings, the organization achieves transformative experiences for individuals and involved groups.

This way, open space technology is most effective to build better relationships with customers since there will be the provision of feedback where they can help the organization identify the critical issues (Rogers, 2010). They are also able to voice their passions and also concerns. The organization will thus learn from the needs of the customers and take collective responsibility for finding solutions. Open space technology will be useful in the context of strategic direction setting, envisioning the future, conflict resolution and building morale. This type of strategy will be the best meeting format to use in situations of real concern when there is a diversity of players, the complexity of elements and the need for a quick solution.

Question 4: Open Space Technology Event

The event would include a few employees service on the customer desk and the majority of the customers. They will be present to air their views and opinions concerning the service of the organization and where they would need improvements. They are the only people at a better position of making the company build strategies that are in line with precise organizational ways to address the issue and ensure satisfaction to a maximum level.

The management would be included in the initial planning before the congress because they are well versed with the activities of forming correct events. They will put the events of the meeting in order considering the preference of the organization and the budget as well. In total, I would invite only 40 members who will count as essential for the company. The customers must be those that have purchased more than twice from the business products. Other specifics for the event success will include a detailed way of presentation where they can take notes and incentives to ensure that the customers pay attention and offer the necessary feedback.


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