Discuss a Quote and Political Issues: What Does The Quote Mean? Essay Example

Published: 2023-10-15
Discuss a Quote and Political Issues: What Does The Quote Mean? Essay Example
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In the quote, Mr. Paine was interested in describing the men who when bad situations became worse and the snow began to fall, abandoned their ranks and went back to their hearths, thus leaving the war for other people to wage. As the American Revolution developed in the 1770s, the soldiers who had joined the army during the summer and spring but went AWOL in the winter and fall were referred to as ‘summer soldiers’ (Lambert, 2010). However, Paine implies that at times when society is undergoing challenging socio-economic and political experiences, only a few individuals are willing to stand tall for their country. Most people would retreat during the crisis; hence, the people who remain during the crisis deserve to be appreciated and treated with respect.

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In this light, most of the summer soldiers were basically farmers who joined the army while their crops were being planted, fought during the summer season, and set back to their farms in the fall to assist in the harvest (Lambert, 2010). However, the ones who helped the revolutionaries at times when the revolution was going well were referred to as ‘sunshine patriots.' Thus, when Paine wrote, ‘The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country,’ he literally implies the members of the revolution that relied on fair weather to participate in the war.

How Does The Quote Relate To The Year 2020?

Even though Paine did not participate in the army or any other revolution, his writings could spur and promote certain policies. For instance, his writings turned out to be mightier than the British canons and swords. In the year 2020, for instance, the world is experiencing various socio-economic and political issues that require support from steadfast and enduring members of society. Such challenges as the increasing cases of COVID-19 characterized by economic and social issues require significant personal responsibilities and support from all the members of society. Those men who remain steadfast at such times deserve love, and thanks.

Discuss one social, one political, and one economic issue that plagues the year 2020. Make sure to clearly identify EACH issue that is from 2019-2020

Social Issue

Among other social issues, the COVID-19 pandemic was an issue plagued by 2020 across all continents of the world. Most of the socially affected people were vulnerable within society, such as the elderly and young children. Again African Americans who are essentially the victims of income and racial inequalities were disproportionately affected by COVID-19. In the United States, for instance, the black counties/states registered COVID-19 cases that were almost three times more than the cases in counties that are predominated by the whites. Again, the pandemic also resulted in gender-based violence and related social challenges.

Economic Issue

One of the economic issues of 2020 is the locust invasion resulting in food shortage. For instance, swarms of locusts have been reported in various parts of the world where they threaten large areas of crops and pastures. This has been reported in parts such as the Middle East, the Horn of Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East (Lambert, 2010). Such an invasion by locusts coincided with the long rains that came along at such a time when the farmers were preparing to harvest their crops. As a result, it affected several livelihoods and generally, the economy of such countries. The locusts' movement is often fast and unpredictable; thus, it tends to be challenging to prevent their growth and spread.

Political Issue

One of the most pressing political issues in 2020 is war. For instance, more than 250000 people died in almost four years following the armed conflict that emanated from simple anti-government protests. Such wars in Syria have also resulted in the displacement of more than 11 million people.

Solutions for the Challenges

To begin with, political issues such as the war in Syria could be addressed through the ending of indiscriminate utilization of weapons from some populated areas within the country. There should be a halt in the US military from participating in the war and a policy formulated to announce some immediate decline of the horrific civil war.

The economic challenge of food shortage orchestrated by the invasion of locusts could be solved through the use of pesticides and a biological method of pest control. The social challenge of exclusion and inequalities emanating from the problem of COVID-19 could be solved through the formulation of various policies and movements that advocate for gender equality. The various COVID-19 containment measures should be implemented indiscriminately regardless of the social status of an individual.

How The Issues Would Have Been Addressed By The Founding Fathers.

According to America's forefathers, the role of the military included the provision of common defense. As such, whenever the military force was recruited against a certain party, then it was a humanitarian intervention; hence, according to the founding fathers, the war in Syria could have been solved by reciting the military force to stabilize the country's condition. In terms of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Founding Fathers would be mesmerized to watch America circa coronavirus in 2020 (Lambert, 2010). The founding fathers, based on the constitution, would order people to get to work and work for their well-being without flouting the containment measures.


Lambert, F. (2010). The founding fathers and the place of religion in America. Princeton University Press.

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