Free Essay Dedicated to Ecological Social Work

Published: 2022-08-01
Free Essay Dedicated to Ecological Social Work
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Ecological social work is a concept that is based on the concept of the fit between a person and their environment. In the video, the social worker focuses on microsystem which is the human and ecological system which is made of the relationship between a person and the environment around them (Matthies, Narhi, & Ward, 2001). This paper will assess the social worker application of the ecological social work concepts in problem analysis of the client group on depression and anxiety and the approaches the social worker uses to expand the group member problem identification.

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Application of Ecological Social Work

In the video, the social worker identifies that the environment surrounding the clients plays a significant role in the development of the problem and through the assessment of the client relationship with the institutions and culture can help identify the source of depression and anxiety (Vimont, 2016). The social worker in the video uses the ecological social work approach to assess the group member's problems by creating a triangle with the individual, institution and the culture in the triangle edges whereas the problem is at the middle (Vimont, 2016).

Approaches the Social Worker uses to Expand Members Definition of the Problem

Drawing a Triangle to Represent Different Environment

The triangle and the board helps the members to expand their understanding of the problem. After picturing the environment around the clients using the triangle, the social worker asks the individual clients of their relationship between themselves and the institution and their culture (Vimont, 2016). As a result, the social worker can demystify the problem and link it to the personal characteristics, culture, or the institutions which help in the creation of the action plan.

Relating the Problem with the Client Environment

The social worker insists on the impact of the environment on the development of anxiety and depression which helps the clients to picture their lives (Vimont, 2016). As a result, the clients can identify how their culture of individualism and institutional problems lead to anxiety and depression although they are beyond the client control (Cornell, 2006).

In conclusion, ecological social work is a significant concept that helps to identify the relationship between the client and the environment in social work and can aid in the identification of the problem as well as the creation of an action plan that meets all the environmental and the client issues.


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