Disability Discrimination Essay Sample

Published: 2022-05-02
Disability Discrimination Essay Sample
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A person is said to be disabled when the possess a physical, cognitive, intellectual, mental, sensory or a combination of these conditions that may affect or have a substantial impact their life activities hence they may not be able to carry out their normal day-to-day activities (Douglas, 2003). Disability discrimination takes place when either an employer or an organization treats an eligible individual in a less favorable manner just because he or she is disabled. Discrimination may also occur when the person is put to a disadvantage due to a history in disability or due to reasons that relate to their disability.

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There are various types of disability discrimination. First, there is direct discrimination whereby an individual treats another worse than other people in a comparable setting because of disability. Also, there is indirect discrimination is encountered when an organization has a particular principle that has a severe impact on disabled people. Apart from this, there is harassment where by a person treats the other in a way that makes them feel humiliated, offended or degraded due to their disability. Lastly there is victimization where the individual is treated badly when they have a complaint of discrimination that leads to threats and segregation.

Disability discrimination can be accounted for by the following reasons; social and cultural barriers that are backed by race and national origin. Due to the nature and lack of experience of the underrepresented races and shunned national origins, this may lead to harsh attitudes due to little experience while dealing with disabilities. Also, lack of accommodation by the non-affected individuals due to lack of social facilities and amenities provided for public use for example elevators and public parking. These are major reasons for people to be discriminate.

The lack of inclusion is also a viable reason due to the tendency of people to exclude the disabled persons unfairly leading to segregation from common social experiences. Lastly, the unemployment of disabled persons that leads to poverty which further agitates the vice leading to a non-ending cycle of discrimination.


Discrimination based on disability should be eradicated through the setting up of measures. The education of people on how to live with people with disabilities as well as the setting up of equal social facilities in public areas should be implemented. The congress should also back up these measures by legislating laws that will favor the disabled. a taskforce should also be set up in order to take follow up on the implementation of the laws.


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