Essay Sample on the Difference Between iPhone7 and iPhone 6

Published: 2019-11-08
Essay Sample on the Difference Between iPhone7 and iPhone 6
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Apple is a global company that majors in the production of iPhones, tabs, and many other computer devices. The company has been in the forefront in the production of the highest technical phones in the world. It is known for the popular iPhone 7 that was an improvement of iPhone 6. It is the improvement made on the iPhone 6 that brings the difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 in the market. Various improvements were made and are discussed below. First of all, it is good to note that the Apple Company is a United States of America company, but most of the iPhone parts are imported from various countries including Japan and Chorea.

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About the camera, iPhone 7 has 12 megapixels camera that is duo as compared to the 8 megapixels from iPhone 6. IPhone 7 has a quad led flash while the iPhone 6 is dual led. IPhone 7 has a focal length camera of 35 mm while iPhone 6 has a focal length of 29 mm. The camera sensor size for iPhone 7 is 1/ 2.6 while 6 is 1/3.

IPhone 7 has only the RAW image capture while 6 has smile detection on the focus image. The seven one has a panorama of up to about 63 megapixels while iPhone 6 has only forty-three. The front camera for the iPhone 7 is seven megapixels while the iPhone 6 has 1.2 megapixels front camera.


The iPhone 7 has system chip of Apple A10 Fusion while iPhone 6 has Apple A8. IPhone 6 has dual-core processor while iphoe7 has a quad-core processor. The seven one has a graphics processor, and the sixth iPhone uses Power VR. IPhone 7 has a system memory of 3 GB RAM while iPhone 6 has a system memory of only 1 GB RAM. The built-in storage for iPhone 7 is 256 GB while for iPhone 6 is 128 GB. The new phone is water and dust proof that makes it more unique from the iPhone 6.

Battery Ability

The battery capacity for iPhone 7 is about 2900 mAh while for iPhone 6 is approximately 2915 that is lower than the one for iPhone 7. All the batteries are non-replaceable. The iPhone 6 has a standby time of about 384 hours that is about six days while the seven has no stand-by time for battery. The iPhone 7 has a 3G talk time of 21 hours while 6 has talk-time of 24 hours. When using 3G internet, iPhone 7 takes thirteen hours while iPhone 6 takes twelve hours. It takes 15 hours on Wi-Fi while six only take twelve hours. When using LTE, iPhone 7 takes thirteen hours with the battery while iPhone 6 takes twelve hours operating. The iPhone 7 and 6 take 60 and 80 hours of music playback respectively. The iPhone take lesser hours on playback videos as compared to iPhone 6.


The iPhone 7 uses Earpiece and stereo speaker while iPhone 6 uses Earpiece and loudspeaker. For iPhone 6 there is an additional microphone that helps in noise cancellation and video recording that is missing in iPhone 7.


The popular iPhone 7 has both master storage device and USB charging while iPhone 6 has only USB charging. The new model of iPhone has wireless earphones that are fixed in the ear, an improvement from the iPhone 6. Instead, iPhone 6 uses Ear Pods with Remote and Mic that is the lightning to USB cable.

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