Free Essay Analyzing Digital Platforms: Slack, Trello, And GoToMeeting

Published: 2022-10-05
Free Essay Analyzing Digital Platforms: Slack, Trello, And GoToMeeting
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Analyzing the Slack

Slack, Trello, and GoToMeeting are digital platforms that are used in the marketing industries especially when advertising and promoting products. Firstly, slack is a messaging system that collaborates on steroids. However, it has several features including the channels that help to separate messages. Slack channels enhance an active discussion and notifications (Slack, n.d.). They also encrypt private messages with the help of only-invite channels.

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Slack will also enable individuals in Omega marketing to share marketing files that as a way of enhancing information flow through other departments. Besides, it enables safe files storage to facilitate. Additionally, it helps to share data even those that will be beneficial in solving key solutions that the firm will be facing amidst its operation. Slack search functionality enables individuals to locate vital information faster. The search also helps to find information those that are in the shared file. It facilitates efficient work performance to the Omega marketing employees.

In most cases, ceratin notifications could be annoying, slack enables individuals to fine-tune their notifications either by keywords or through the channel. It helps to prioritize the most improtant notifications that will be helpful in the mareketing process within Omega. Similarly, slake reduces the time that cab is wasted when overlooking through all notifications. It also offers the best platforms as it is used from all corners of the organizations. Most importantly, it can be installed in the mobile phones apps for the windows phone, iOS, and Android. It also offers a free forever use pricing ranges. It is affordable even by small businesses thus pocket-friendly.

Analyzing Trello Tool

Trello is an app that provides an overview of a project mostly used in the management. It examines the work done, the individuals involved and its' processing. In the marketing industries, it helps to maintain and improve high productivity (Atlassian, n. d)

Trello helps improve the team to stay organized for any task. It also assist to integrate the teamwork directly to the company's workflow. Trello helps to monitor the employee's performance all the time productively. Besides, it stays in sync in every device thus can be used at any point such as in the office or when a person is travelling.

Analyzing the GoToMeeting Tool

GoToMeeting is web designed that helps to facilitate online business meetings from one office to another via the internet. It also used when video or audio presentation in a conference (LogMeIn, 2018). GoToMeeting is reliable and accessible as it can be used from every corner of the world. Additionally, it is time effective as all meetings and discussions are done via the internet. The messages are easily retrieved in case of disposal.

Recommendations on the best platform for the Omega Marketing

Slack and trello are the best platform Omega marketing should use. They are more recommended due to their unique features that can improve the companies productivity. Importantly, slack provides a one on one direct messages platform. Besides, whenever a manager would want to message one person rather than a group slack is the most recommended. Both platforms save time as slack can enable individuals to find vital information faster. On the other hand, Trello monitors the activities of the employees all the time. It is also used when integrating the worker's task and feeding into the company's computers directly. Besides, the Omega Marketing company should uphold the use of slack and Trello applications. These platforms will ensure a high production has been achieved which leads to high-profit margins. They also play parts in securing the company's files from the outsiders.


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