Free Essay Sample on Media Semiotics

Published: 2017-11-15
Free Essay Sample on Media Semiotics
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Media semiotics refers to an articulate study of the dire approach in modern media studies. The study explains the concepts of signs as well as the ideological roles of media in the modern culture. This is achieved through analysis of various electronic and print media such as glossy magazines, advertisements, TV programs, daily newspapers, interactive media and recent films. Media semiotics also entails key strands in vital theory which are linked to semiotics. For instance, psychoanalytic and ideological theory is analyzed. Media semiotics further assesses the challenges to develop semiotic methods raised by audience research and postmodernism. It also puts into consideration modern media among them computer games, World Wide Web and the internet.

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Semiotics in media

The argument of the thesis in consideration is that in an up surging visual error, a significant contribution of semiotics has been a worry with imagistic and linguistic signs, specifically in the context of photography, advertising as well as audio-visual media. The lecture shapes what I already understand about the semiotics that it can encourage me not to disqualify a specific medium perceived worthless. For instance, film and literary critics regard television as worthless to artistic film or prose fiction.

Semiotic example

Some of the examples where I envisage that the thesis may also apply and hold true from my own experiences include in the study of signs. There is disagreement among the semioticians regarding the scope as well as methodology of semiotics. Today, semiotics is part of the social science; however, it is still an unclear critical practice as compared to a unified and fully-fledged theory or analytical method. Worse still, is the literary criticism which is based beyond the bounds of literature, grand assertions and the subjective interpretation. Semiotics is imperialistic as some semioticians tend to uphold it as applicable to, concerned with everything and anything that trespasses on every academic course. Semiotics is delivered as an overall purpose tool hence semioticians do not make complete the demerits of their mechanisms. Some semioticians deliver their assessments as if they are pure objective scientific accounts as opposed to subjective interpretations. On the other hand, a section of them are compelled to provide empirical evidence for specific interpretations. That is to say, much semiotic assessment generates comprehensive taxonomies with no evident practical application. Last but not least, some semiotic assessments have faced criticism as an abstract as well as arid formalism and are pre-occupied with classification.

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