An Essay Sample on Clarifying Content Priorities

Published: 2019-09-13
An Essay Sample on Clarifying Content Priorities
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It is believed that a traditional curriculum is whereby a student comes empty in class with the thirst of knowing and getting knowledge and skills from the teacher who is supposed to quench the learners' thirst by conveying facts to the learners. Most of the students are always very orientated and inspired of making a future for them. They are usually enthusiasts who are determined to do whatever necessary to attaining their main goals in school. For traditionalists, they define curriculum as what will be taught in class starting from the subject matter, content and the school, either for the special need student or the normal student. Traditionalists tend to focus more on the content, experience, evaluation of whether the students have understood or not and the objectives of the curriculum or a specific subject. Conceptual empiricists deal more In research processes whereby data collection, review, interpretation and presentation of the research is a key value. These individuals view themselves as psychologists, philosophers or even sociologists who have an interest in researching on matters to do with education at large. Reconceptualists tend to deal more with how much. Students understand themselves. It also focuses on the psychological and social development of the human being.

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Traditionalist help learners in getting of the firsthand information from their teachers hence making them yearn more and more in going to school to gain a lot from the teacher. In this, it makes the student over dependent on the teacher for knowledge hence making the student be lazy to try and find knowledge by themselves or even conducting research online concerning a certain topic. In conceptual empiricist, there is the assurance of accurate data to be taken and presented for study. This is because there was research that was carried out, data was collected, reviewed and presentation of the data was collected. However, this theory can take centuries due to lots of barrier on the way like the language barrier, transportation, insufficient funds to conduct the research and also come people may not give actual data that is required. In the conceptualists, the student will know how to handle themselves since they understand themselves better than anyone else. This, however, will be very difficult for the teachers. It will be hard for teachers to know how to handle their students since they know nothing about their students.

In topic two, article by Nikoletta Christodoulou, conceptual empiricists, working in studying the fields of curriculum and education has its advantages and disadvantages as discussed earlier. In my analysis, its better to put all the three theories into action and try and learn from them. The three theories have got several disadvantages or rather benefits that run along with them both synchronously and concurrently hence making the reason why they should be applied together. The theories are always objective and set towards making the realization of set plans come true. They both of them co- relate in achieving one goal which is curriculum design. While admitting a new student in school, we will use the traditionalist theory in the submission of a text, use the conceptual empiricists in asking for a recommendation from their previous schools and use the reconceptualises in registering the students in classes where their strength lies.

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