Free Essay Describing the Benefits of Travelling

Published: 2019-05-06
Free Essay Describing the Benefits of Travelling
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Mark Twain described travel as being fatal to prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and bigotry. Every day people travel long or short distances across the world for various reason. Each time a person makes a trip to a new location they add to what they already know about life. Such lessons come from a distinct difference in sights, sounds, and tastes that exist in different parts of the world. Such experiences contribute to a traveler's learning curve. Therefore, it is safe to say that traveling broadens the mind.

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Traveling helps one to embrace the diversity of a different culture. By traveling, one encounters people whose lifestyle, perspective, food, and activities are different from theirs. One learns to appreciate the differences that make the locals unique. By not traveling, a person remains accustomed to the same old practices that they have lived with. Interacting with other cultures helps an individual to develop a firsthand account of what life is like in other places or the shoes of other persons. It is one thing to see a place through the filters and narrations of various media, and it is another to get a personal experience. Such firsthand knowledge allows one to maintain an open mind to different lessons in life because no two places on earth are similar.

Furthermore, traveling helps people to connect and communicate. When engaging in conversations over digital media such as e-mails or video chat, there is a degree of impersonality. The parties in the communications do not enjoy the same benefits that are gained through face to face interactions. Personal contact gives an individual a better idea of what the other person feels or expects. Thus, traveling permits different parties to understand each other in a holistic manner and to form personal relationships.

Also, traveling makes people realize new things about themselves. When going to a foreign nation or meeting people of a different culture, people learn about themselves through the realization of how they perceive and interact with others and how they react to a change in environment. When people get into contact with cultures that are new to them, they can gauge qualities within themselves such as open-mindedness. Travel exposes one to situations that may require cooperation. This answers questions such as, is one willing to help or cooperate with others? Similarly, traveling can be a search for one's true self. By getting away from the norms and hassles of life and going to somewhere where the environment allows for a free mind, one gets the chance to reflect on their life and their goals.

Lastly, individuals gain a different point of view in life after visiting new places. Travelling allows people to refresh their understanding of a particular culture or people. Such a perspective is obtained when a person compares and contrasts their lives with that of others. Such a comparative analysis allows an individual to weigh the pros and cons of all the cultures that they have interacted with. This analysis also covers one's culture. Aside from gaining a holistic view of what each culture has to offer, people also obtain the ability to answer the question of why certain cultures exist in the form that they do.

Travelling broadens the mind of a person through the experience of new cultures that break the monotony of one's life. Also, traveling makes communication and connections more personal which improves understanding. Moreover, touring helps people to learn new things about themselves in a different setting, and it gives travelers a different point of view of life at the end of their tours. Traveling around the world is an important activity that all persons should undertake in their lives. The world is not understood through stories and narrations but by personal experiences.

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