Paper Example on How Data Can Be Shared With the Web Server in a Secure Fashion

Published: 2023-01-19
Paper Example on How Data Can Be Shared With the Web Server in a Secure Fashion
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Information confidentiality plays a critical role in ensuring that every piece of data is secured from harm, or unauthorized accessibility, which plays a security mechanism to ensure that data is not compromised (Paul, Sengupta, Mohamedrasheed, Saxena, & Kaulgud, 2016). The accessibility of data may be provided by the use of a database, embedded in the server to ensure paramount and explicit data storage is enhanced through the use of authentications before the data is accessed. On the same token, the authentication of users is one of the highly essential aspects to ensure that a user accesses, specific data in the database that is only associated with the user in the system. In this case, security protocol in ensuring better communication between the client and back end side will play a critical role in helping implement the section.

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With the increase in the number of clients, so does the chances of threat are generating, where the site becomes bulky as well as developing several loopholes that usher in hackers. As a result, the system administrator has a meticulous task to ensure that all connections within the web server are secured, and no threat is arising from the client side, to help them gain control of the system. In this case, the use of restrictions, and privileges, to individual accounts within the web server, is one of the security measures to gain a better understanding of the clients and monitoring their traffic in the system.

The use of layered security is an essential approach that can be implemented in this section to restrict any authorized accessibility of data in the web server. As O'Hare, Orsini, & Martin, (2018) observed, that a web server makes greater use of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure that the customer activities are secure, where data from the client side, is compared with the stored data in the database before the client receives the feedback of the stored data.

Compare and Contrast Secure File Sharing vs. Insecure File sharing

File transfer is one of the common activities that a user performs while interacting with the application and the server. In many cases, File Transfer Protocol has been widely used due to its ease of accessibility and use. Never the less, the dangers of using FTP has opened a broader threat since the data channel, or the command channel is encrypted to reduce the chances of data configuration from the unwanted intruders. As a result, the need to use encrypted channels of data is essential since they guarantee a safer mechanism in data transfer from one point to the other.

Secure file sharing is one of the convenient methods of sharing data on the internet without the intrusion of outsiders to intercept and decode the date. In this case, sensitive data is encrypted unlike un the FTP format, where confidential data is sent in a plain text, making it easier for interceptions (Ali, Dhamotharan, Khan, Khan, Vasilakos, & Zomaya, 2015). On the other hand, insecure file sharing may be used to pass data which is not sensitive, such as documents with minimal confidentiality.

Provide Details on how to Implement Secure File Sharing

First World Bank Savings and Loan employees, require a substantial investment in several areas of the network to ensure that a secure connection is set for file sharing. As Sharma, Krishnan, Akella, & Drewry, (2015) observed, a secure connection requires an encrypted platform that keeps unwanted intruders from the site. The use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is widely used to ensure that information sent between the client and the server is encrypted, reducing the possibility of data interception. As a result, the man-in-the-middle attacks is minimized through the use of SSL or HTTPS.


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