What Is Needed to Be Able to Start a Small Business? Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-02
What Is Needed to Be Able to Start a Small Business? Essay Sample
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I disagree with most students that money is the primary need to start a small business. It is important to note that about 30 million small businesses run in the United States make at least 99% of all the firms in the United States. I believe the key to start a small business is a unique business idea. An idea should be able to design the company and should be able to determine the business flexibility.

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A business idea revolves around potentiality, reality and time balance of the business. The plan should aim to solve a specific problem in the market. This means the design should identify the need for the industry in the market. The business idea should have a plan for business growth although business growth may be determined by the financial stability of the business. A project is bound to the financial position of the investor. Starting a small business may not need little money. Its growth will depend on the ability of the company to cover its expenses and turning profits.

A small business needs to be registered and choose a business name. Having recorded the market is permitted to operate and gets a license depending on the type of business and its locations. An example of small business includes call services, janitorial services such as hotel and resort housekeeping, bank cleaning services, wallpaper selling, online marketing, and event-party planning, (Jani-King 2019). In conclusion, business profits and obtained by deducting all the money earned from all the expenses. Small business can bring significant benefits if the costs and less than the money earned.

Employee Motivation

Motivation refers to the behavior that inspires an individual to do a specific job or task. I believe every hard work done pays. Becoming successful if I do something is what motivates me. Aspiring to succeed in my studies makes me align my vision values and set goals to achieve. Success in my studies is the most significant thing that I want to achieve. On the other hand, various things motivate me not to work hard in school. These demotivating factors include lack of intrinsic motivation and inadequate facilities.

On job motivation, I believe what motivates one to work hard is family. For instance, parents work hard to ensure their children learn well and never lack anything. Other people, who do not have families, are self-motivated. Self-motivation makes people realize what they want. Confidence is another factor that motivates one to work hard in their job. It makes one understand what they need to push hard for - people who help others drive me the most. I get to learn from these people because they have a sense of confidence I need. As well I keep the mind of positivity and optimism. I learn to lead to help others with helping hand, and I realize this makes me feel energetic.

In conclusion, from the above explanation in consensus with Herzberg, I think he was right that pay was not a motivator. I believe self-motivation is more important than external rewards. External rewards sometimes might miss, but when one is self-motivated, it will always remain active. Self-motivation expresses the desires and interests to evaluate self-performance. I still prefer self-motivation to external rewards such as bonuses because self-motivation always gives me my thoughts and experiences.

Importance of Studying Business Course

I think studying this business course is significant for us. To begin with, it improves our knowledge and ability to interpret and analyze financial information. It helps us come up with the business idea as well as how to manage small and large businesses. This course also trains us to be prepared on how to handle risks and other tasks. It helps us to advise on what you look for, plan for and be reactive to businesses. I think without business education it is difficult to start up and run a business.

Secondly, the business course exposes us to Networking opportunities. Being able to come up with a new business idea will expose one to possibilities of meeting people who can partner with you. It is possible to exchange business ideas with other people hence extend the business efforts to all sides. Thirdly, there is also increased credibility. Having the skills of business one can become a manager of various business entities. Business managers are able to add and increase business credibility to the business owner.

Lastly, this course equips one with the skills to understand the values and the importance of teamwork. Partnering in business promotes collaboration. In the business field, every employer wants to get employees with skills in managing a small business as well as large businesses. Becoming business managers, this course also equips us with knowledge of how to motivate our employees. It is important to note that motivation is the key to the successful cooperation of activities in a business. In conclusion, the success of a company is brought by a strong foundation of business education and understanding of how business is run. I believe studying this course is much beneficial for those who dream of starting small and large companies.


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