Deep Fried Civil War - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-25
Deep Fried Civil War - Essay Sample
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The article, "Deep Fried Civil War" is about a war of virtues and preferences that are shown by an organization in its practices. The organization highlighted in this case is Chick-fil-A, where there is a set of principles that it operates with. The driving principles that the organization adopts are derived from biblical teachings. There are various values and regulations in the Bible, which inform individuals on acceptable practices in their conduct. In this case, the organization is committed to ensuring the principles are incorporated in its operating activities. Christianity is the central issue, where the Bible has guidelines that guide the conduct of people. The organization, therefore, is under pressure because of the direction it has adopted in the principles with which it operates. For example, in the Bible, there is an only marriage between two genders. However, in the current societal setting, there are same-sex marriages. Therefore, that is a contradiction of the Biblical principles and, by extension, contrary to the organizational culture adopted by Chick-fil-A.

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Various Allegations

There were various allegations that the organization had discriminatory tendencies associated with its operations. There was the discrimination of customers and prospective employees based on the religious principles that the organization operated. Therefore, there was a need to highlight the organization's problematic issues, which were inconsistent with some of its customers. However, Chick-fil-A insisted that it and values that it needed to uphold in its operations. The founder had a Christian background, which was reflected in the business model. There were various activities that the organization engaged in, which were consistent with Christianity. For example, there was the circulation of literature in support of Christianity. However, some people were not pleased with the approach because society is diverse. Therefore, all people should be accommodated, regardless of their lifestyle or religious choices. Despite all the pressure, the organization has continued to prefer its operations being based on Christianity. For example, they do not work on Sabbath; therefore, they forego the earnings of that day. The business prefers that decision because it is worth being respected because of the benefits it brings to the company. Therefore, religious differences are the primary issue that is highlighted in the article, as practiced by Chick-fil-A.

Personal Feelings

People in society have a belief system that they subscribe to in their life choices. Businesses have a set of beliefs by their proprietors that are reflected in the organization's culture. All parties should always respect the preferences of individuals. That is despite the pressure from society to conform to various aspects of diversity. In this case, the position adopted by Chick-fil-A to have a culture that reflects the owner's religious preferences is justified. Individuals should always be free to practice what they feel is consistent with their preferences. As long as what individual practices and beliefs do not compromise with others' welfare, it should be encouraged.


Discrimination at the workplace should, however, be discouraged by all means. Despite the differences in preferences that are shown by people through their conduct, they should be given equal opportunity to work in any organization. Furthermore, the clients that are served in the organization should be respected regardless of their preferences. In this case, the organization should offer equal employment opportunities for all people. That is because society should accommodate all people in the best way it can. There were worries that individuals should be discriminated against in terms of employment opportunities by the organization. However, the organization asserted that all people were welcomed to the organization, and their treatment would be fair. Therefore, the organization's activities and preferences are justified, provided there is no instance of discrimination.

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