A Company's Vision and Lifestyle. Essay Example

Published: 2023-07-23
A Company's Vision and Lifestyle. Essay Example
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Leaders have high influence and a lot of power. Leaders make people follow them from their examples and the pace they set. It is, however, essential for leaders to emit the right signals for leadership.

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Indra Nooyi, who is the Chief Executive Officer for PepsiCo, has clear visions for the organization. Her vision is drafted under the idea of purpose in performance, which has its basis on two vital notions. One of them is approaching the obesity outbreak by upgrading the nutritional value of PepsiCo by-products. The other is by making the company long-lasting environmentally (Gregory, 2018).

Strategic Plans

Nooyi has played a significant role in making sure that PepsiCo survived to see the light of day. She had many achievements in the company due to her strategic plans for the organization. She prioritized the reduction of plastic use in the bottling of beverages. Nooyi came up with the idea of designing the whole Pepsi Company. She knew that the design of a product would reveal the reactions of their customers. When Nooyi came intending to redesign the company, people did not understand what model she meant. For that reason, Nooyi brought a designer into the company. The designer was given all the privileges he asked to render his services. After that, there were tremendous results and outcomes of the company.

Nooyi also paid close attention to the experience of users. She came up with innovations on women's new products. She argued that it was easy for men to handle the leftovers of a particular food by just pouring it into the mouth, for example, snack bags. On the contrary, it was not easy for women to do that. She introduced a stacked chip in China that came in a plastic tray. The plastic tray was transported by a canister. The advantages of the chip are that it did not produce much noise when eating. Another advantage of the chip is that it was more comfortable for women to eat from the tray and push it back when she was done. (Zhan, 2019)

Nooyi had optimism in excellence and a high standard of performance. She was the type that did not take no for an answer. She was relentless in her work. For instance, she pressurized her team to come up with an alternative to expanding palm oil. Nooyi pressed her team until they found an option, which was rice bran oil. It is expected that leaders should make big decisions. Such decisions are not easy to make, especially when a lot of money is involved. It is also advisable for leaders to allocate more time to their research and to listen to other people's concerns; this information is useful in the decision-making process. Nooyi was the kind of person who would give a listening ear to someone. She listened to the ideas of her team even if she disagreed with them.

Most successful and developed companies have a norm where everyone feels appreciated and valued. Such companies give their employees a platform to contribute to anything that will help the company in return. The belief that Indra has in people has driven a diverse and recognizable culture. Indra realizes that recognition of power leveraging results in good outcomes.


Coming up with a strategic plan may seem to be a tedious and overwhelming process. However, breaking the ideas down makes everything easier. One strategic plan that I would recommend is that of constant review. For a program to perform as designed, it should be regularly reviewed. Having a strategic plan is very important. It helps one to take a business from one point to a higher position. Strategic plans also help growing businesses to be on track.


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