Death of a Pet in an Airline - Essay Sample

Published: 2024-01-11
Death of a Pet in an Airline - Essay Sample
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As you are all aware, our organization is facing a challenge regarding the pet's death in our airline. I know this is a tough situation for all of us, but we are handling the situation. The death of the pet was a tragic accident that was not anticipated. The company is experiencing negative publicity from the media station, but we assure you that we are handling the situation.

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The organization has decided to compensate the owner of the pet as a way of taking responsibility. Our public relations officer will communicate to the public through our social media channel on what we are planning to do. We will also communicate our apologies to the public and assure them that we will still offer the best quality world-class flights.

Handling the Situation

We encourage all our team members to communicate with the customers and assure them that we handle the situation. All cabin crew teams must follow due diligence whenever they handle customer's luggage or pets to avoid this kind of accident from occurring again. This cabin crew who was involved in the matter has been suspended without pay for a period of two weeks.

Therefore, members should not panic about this matter. Let all continue giving our customers the best services, and we perform our work well as we have always been doing. The management will communicate any information that may be deemed necessary. Let's always uphold our organization's name and strive to offer the best services to our customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the management. Thank you all for the work you are doing. Your hard work is well appreciated.

Negative Social Media Post

At the United Airline, we strive to deliver to our customers the best world-class flight experience. With the death of the dog, we are sorry we fall short of our promise. We are working on our strategies to ensure this tragic accident does not occur again. We take full responsibility for what happened, and we are willing to take the liability.

However, it's good to understand that planes are not designed to carry animals, but only people and luggage. We know that the pet was brought around to offer emotional support to the passengers, but we were also concerned about the other passenger's comfort. We usually advise that the owner of the pet arranges for the pet when traveling to avoid being exposed to stress on the plane or road trips

The truly tragic accident has elicited emotions from all of our grief, anger, and even bitter reminder of the airline's morality. Our Cabin crew who found the Pet dead is still disturbed by what he saw, and we have already suspended the Cabin crew involved without pay as a way of punishing him for the issue that took place.

The facts and circumstance are still evolving; it's not clear for the airline why a passenger choose to travel with a pet on the trip. We are not indicating that the passenger takes responsibility for the pet. Still, we will like to remind all our passengers that United Airlines is not responsible for any loss or damage to property as per the passenger's waiver. Besides, an additional insurance fee usually does not apply to live cargo.


As a gesture of good faith, we will offer the passenger a check for $1152.60. We take full responsibility for what happened, and we are working on ways to avoid such challenges in the future.

Everything we do at United Airlines is focused on making the customer experience the best worldwide. Thank you all for believing in us, and we promise the best services.

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