Culture and Communication, Free Paper for You

Published: 2022-04-18
Culture and Communication, Free Paper for You
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Argument: the cultural diversity in Access Wimbledon is the personality traits in Access Wimbledon problems. Recommendations should be implemented.

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The fundamental determinants leading to cultural challenges are cultural differences, educational background, communication patterns, the evolution of social networks, and lack of awareness that fail accessing Wimbledon communication.


Cultural appreciation is the backbone of achieving organizational goals.

The literature review of cultural and communication strategies depict resolutions.

Analysis section

Introduction paragraph

Topic: Culture/ Communication

Argument: People differ in perception of understanding the relayed information which attributes to communication breakdown in access Wimbledon.

The fundamental determinants leading to cultural challenges are cultural differences, educational background, communication patterns, evolution of social networks, and lack of awareness that result in failure in accessing Wimbledon communication.

Paragraph 1:

Topic sentence 1: Impact of cultural difference in communication breakdown at Wimbledon.

Evidence: "Deficiency in cultural beliefs affects the personality of individuals to relate to others prompting occurrence of communication barrier when relaying and encoding information" (Damian, Izquierdo, Singer, and Kwan, 2007, p.83).

The tone of communication depends on the cultural influence which precipitates to a breakdown in communication at Wimbledon.

Paragraph 2:

Topic sentence 2: The level of educational background would determine the influence of understanding information and communicate accurately

Evidence: "Wimbledon deprivation in access to efficacy in communication would depend on linguistic and intellectual skills that dictate academic level" (Strand 2012, p.89).

Paragraph 3:

Topic sentence 3: The pattern of communication would depend on interaction levels and relations among peers and professionals

Evidence: "The media as a form of communication may encounter online distortion of data thereby contributing to Wimbledon breakdown in communication access" (Damian, Izquierdo, Singer, and Kwan, 2007, p.84).

Paragraph 4:

Topic sentence 4: The dynamism in actualizing development at Wimbledon depends on the evolution of social network in actualizing communication.

Evidence: "Lack of effective social network in planning how to disseminate data contributes to communication breakdown in accessing Wimbledon" (Damian, Izquierdo, Singer, and Kwan, 2007, p.86).

Paragraph 5:

Topic sentence 5: lack of awareness in communication process facilitates breakdown in accessing Wimbledon.

Evidence: "Communication breakdown emanates from inadequate knowledge in monitoring information thereby generating a failure in accessing Wimbledon communication process" (Damian, Izquierdo, Singer, and Kwan, 2007, p.87).

Recommendation section

Topic sentence 1: The organization should conduct a SWOT analysis.

Topic sentence 2: The human resource should train its staff members on workplace attitude and communication.

Topic sentence 3: The organizational objectives and strategies should be reviewed and made known to everyone.

Topic sentence 4: The need to continuously analyze the communication channels to prevent communication breakdown.

Topic sentence 5: The organizations should create public forums in sensitizing individuals on the benefit of the effective communication process.


Damian, D., Izquierdo, L., Singer, J. and Kwan, I., 2007, August. Awareness in the wild: Why communication breakdowns occur. In Global Software Engineering, 2007. ICGSE 2007. Second IEEE International Conference on (pp. 81-90). IEEE.

Strand, S., 2012. The White BritishBlack Caribbean achievement gap: Tests, tiers and teacher expectations. British Educational Research Journal, 38(1), pp.75-101.

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