Free Essay Dedicated to the Protection of Consumer's Behaviors

Published: 2022-03-12
Free Essay Dedicated to the Protection of Consumer's Behaviors
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Consumer behaviors refer to the evaluation of how consumers make purchase decisions, decisions on their needs, the organizations to purchase their products from, and the types of items required for purchase. According to (2015, p 281, para 1), it is fundamental to understand the conducts of buyers as this will provide essential information regarding how clients will potentially react to either the items of purchase or the organization. This helps the organization to fulfill niches that are yet to be met.

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One website that can be used to formulate good consumer behaviors is ( According to Eaglstein (2014, p 65, para 6), consumers have all the rights to be served appropriately using products of appropriate sizes and a fair rate of purchase that is whatsoever not overpriced.Through inspection of this site, I noticed some shops and organizations had been marked over poor consumer's services such as bewildering consumers, overpricing or selling virtual products that the organization does not sell particularly for online shops. Fundamentally, the role of FDA in consumer's behavior is to ensure that organizations uphold sustainable practices that affect the consumers positively. For FDA, it analyzes and establishes crucial arrangments that will push organizations into offering essential services to its consumers.

The FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection ( is another useful site in protecting the rights of consumers in their purchase behaviors. The FTC gathers crucial information regarding fake business operations and issues of consumers infringement. In this way, it uses the data collected in preparing lawsuits against the involved organizations that were found having manipulated consumers during their product purchase processes. FTC also takes legal action against pharma collusion (2014, p34, para 5) says that the FTC establishes standards that helps to sustain liberal commercial operation base. Lastly, the FTC conducts civic education to the consumers on their consumer's obligation and rights. As FTC takes legal action against pharma collusion (2014, p 34, para 8) argues, educating consumers on their rights is essential as it helps them recognize future potential incidence of manipulation by organizations.

According to Sirarajah, Irani, and Weerakkody (2015, p 483, para 10), Globalization has affected the consumer's behavior in both positive and adverse ways. Through globalization, consumers have access to other product preferences that are not within their localities. In the same way, Globalization has resulted in increased fraud, the sale of inferior quality products and illegal access of consumer's information, particularly through online purchase methods. However, ( is a website that has expanded government's authorities through URL. Through the website, consumers can report cases of online thefts in addition to writing records for adequate follow up of the cases.

In conclusion, it is evident that manipulation of consumer's during their consumption processes can be widely reduced through the already developed technologies. These websites post information regarding opinions of consumers on particular organizations or how to avoid organization's manipulations.


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