Essay Sample on Late Paper Submission: Reasons and Strategies to Avoid

Published: 2022-11-04
Essay Sample on Late Paper Submission: Reasons and Strategies to Avoid
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Factors Contributing to Late Paper Submission

Memory Lapse

Memory lapse contributed to the late submission of my reflection in that I lost track of the deadline and forgot to submit the paper in time.

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I also suffered from memory loss which made me not to remember the exact time of submission.

The memory lapse also contributed to my late submission by affecting my ability to remember details regarding the date of submission of the reflection.

Poor Planning

Poor planning contributes to late assignment submission by distracting students and depriving them of time.

I failed to plan my assignment by taking too much time on other papers while paying lip service to the reflections submissions paper which was due earlier in terms of deadlines.

The failure to plan also made it difficult to keep track of the deadlines for submission and gave me a false impression that the deadline for submitting the reflections was longer.


Procrastination is the tendency to postpone or delay things.

I procrastinated about the reflections paper by postponing it until it was too late.

I only realized that the deadline for submission was due when it was already too late.

I kept pushing the assignment forward under the false impression that it was easy and hence I could do it within a day but it turned out to be the contrary as I realized that I needed more days to finish it.

Strategies to Avoid this in Future

Better Planning

In the future, I will ensure that I plan early for assignments by putting in place the necessary measures to prevent late submission.

I will also plan better by beginning my papers on time and not postponing them until when it is too late.

Better planning helps in avoiding or dealing with any unexpected interruptions that may hinder one's ability to abide by the deadlines.

Further, I will plan well by researching the topic of the reflection early enough to ensure that I have the relevant information that will enable me to complete the paper on time.

Frequent Reminders

Frequent reminders will enable me to address the problem of memory lapse by ensuring that I keep track of time and avoid loss of memory.

To do this, I will use alarm clocks to set alarms to remind me when the paper is almost due so that I can complete it in time.

The frequent reminders will also enable me to avoid procrastination as I will be able to know what I am supposed to do and when in terms of paper schedules.

Early Preparation

To avoid late submissions in the future, I will prepare myself early enough to avoid being caught unawares by deadlines for submitting my assignments.

Early preparation entails taking steps to put in place all the requirements one will need for the completion of their work.

The preparation will also help me with the planning of my work to ensure that I meet the deadlines.

Impacts of Late Submissions on Education and Future Practice

Loss of Time and Money

Penalties for late paperwork submission result in consequences that are taxing on resources, that is, time and money.

Late submissions attract penalties such as deduction of points or even suspension and retaking of courses or units, hence denying one the chance to advance with their studies.

The penalties take away crucial time from one's course programs and means they have to spend a lot of money retaking the units since the school will assume they were never attempted.

Reflects Badly on Practice

Medical practice requires practitioners to always keep time and hence lateness or retaking of units as a result of failure to submit papers in time reflects badly on one's practice.

It could also affect my relationship with my tutors and hence adversely affect my chances of securing good grades which will impact my future practice in terms of accreditation and certification.

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