Essay Example on Finding Ourselves in Nature

Published: 2019-09-23
Essay Example on Finding Ourselves in Nature
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Traveling to a city can be a bit hectic considering everything that is going around the fast life and everyone hurrying along. But the journey of self-discovery can always start at a nature park. The Sunset Zoo is one such place, where one can find themselves and explore the nature inside. Most zoos are often just amusement parks the animals are so far away, and you often have just to watch them from a distance. The Sunset Zoo is a place where you can have a close-up view of animals; even touch those that don't bite. Moreover, the serene environment having butterflies, birds and insects flying around can be the perfect example of enjoying oneself in a tranquil environment. My visit there reminds me of a peaceful yet exhilarating experience with a live band added to the mix and some great natural food.

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Then I thought of having that peaceful and quiet experience, and I found myself wandering through the Kansas State University Gardens. With the best collection of iris and lilies that I've ever seen, this location gave me quite the breathtaking experience. There is plenty of plant life as well, which opened me up to the needs for environmental conservation once I realized what a beautiful earth we live in. Furthermore, it is always fun to play in the rain in a colorful display of lilies and beautiful flower and plant life. And the crawling insects always give you some educated entertainment. I held my first tarantula here.

Of scenic routes, diverse wildlife, and biking experiences, the Manhattan river trail was the most exciting part of my trip around Manhattan. Perfect for a couple walking hand in hand or out to do some team building and bonding by a boating experience, the place was a peace galore. I took two days on this trail. On the first day, I was with my friends, and it was pretty amazing. We had a barbecue and lots of laughs and fun. Then we had a fun challenge experience and played various games right before we left. On the second day, I couldn't resist going back on my own and enjoying the cool breezes and peaceful sights on the river. I discovered the peace and strength of rushing waters. I might have felt a little poetic too at that instance. I'm pretty sure that if I had a dog, it would be a lot of fun since I saw many people bring their dogs along.

Lastly, I decided that I would have an exploration of history at the Flint Hills Discovery Center. I watched a movie here about the history of Kansas City and spent three hours walking around and finding out the history of the great city. It was fascinating, and I did some hands-out experiments alongside my friends in the recreation area. The $7 admission fee was also quite excellent and worth the experience because of my later integration with literary everything that was happening. In the vast confederation that we live in, I realized that the American people are one of great and rich historical significance. In my last encounter with nature during the museum visit, I learned that in finding ourselves in nature, we must first place ourselves in our nature as human beings, and then we can explore our external environment.

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