Critical Thinking Essay Example

Published: 2017-12-27
Critical Thinking Essay Example
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Critical thinking essay example

As a result of series of unfortunate events, I may have what it takes to survive in a desert. By looking at the conditions present, the landmass is 400 meters away, with fluctuating currents and sometimes tropical storms that hit the shores are severe. This means that there are minimal chances despite the method one ought to employ that may be used to reach the nearest land mass and join my family. To survive in this desert environment, I have to eliminate some of my mates one by one for the environment to continue supporting my life.

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Since the environment provides arable land and potable water, I will advise the farmer to plant trees to provide us with shelter as the desert do not have an apparent shelter. However, after the trees grow to adequate heights, I recommend that the farmer should make a canoe and take with him the minister as our spokesman to the nearest land mass to ask for help. The idea here is to reduce the number of people who will be dependent on the environment for survival. Since there are tropical severe storms, currents fluctuating and the land mass is 400 miles away, the carpenter and the minister will not have a chance to survive and reach the closest land mass. Due to the severe storms and fluctuating currents the two might drown to death, reducing the number of individuals depending on the environment to survive.

Why is critical thinking important

With three mates (the doctor, farmer, and hunter) remaining on the deserted Island, I will now exploit their skills and abilities to survive on the island. The arable land will be enough for the farmer to grow more edible vegetation and perishable food to add onto what the environment provides for us. The arable water will also be sufficient for the farmer to irrigate the edible vegetation and perishable food in cases where the temperature remains high for long periods. This will provide us with enough food to support us for more extended periods. The skills of the hunter will be instrumental in getting the game meat. The hunter is the only individual who can hunt wild game animals as food sources. This will also increase the amount of food that the group needs to survive on the island. Besides, I will also be able to learn hunting skills to fend for myself in case the hunter dies from any infection from edible vegetable or wild animal’s food. The doctor will also be important in the deserted island. He will use his knowledge to treat in cases of any infections.

Finally, the unfortunate events give suggestions of how when faced with difficulties in the environment. It is only the fittest animal that survives in such a harsh environment as all the rest might be wiped out by the environmental constraints. A call for help from outside is, therefore, more challenging and dangerous than finding means of survival on the deserted island. The environment will be able to support three people compared to the five people.

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