Free Essay: Personal Vision Statement - Being a Positive Role Model

Published: 2022-07-04
Free Essay: Personal Vision Statement - Being a Positive Role Model
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Necessity is the mother of all inventions, and the challenges that we encounter in life prepares us to be better people (Cherry, 2006). Throughout my life, I have endured some challenging situations and had to overcome obstacle after the other. Facing such difficulties has often required me to be at my best or else risk discouragement and giving up. And now as time goes by, my vision is to inspire others to make it in life. I live a life which is primarily driven by the desire to make my family, sons and the entire society's lives better by helping people grow and see the best in themselves. Through my actions, I hope to inspire those who will look upon me for guidance and support most importantly my son whom I would like to instill the best principles of hard work, love for humanity and God, being trustworthy and respectful to others.

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How I choose to live my life is crucial if I am to impact people's lives and set a good example. Based on that fact, I have decided to explore happiness and to live each day without regret. My philosophy about this life is simple, and that is to live each day like it is the last. Believing in God has helped me worry less about the things that I cannot change and has allowed me to focus on the present moment. By this I have had time to enjoy what I like doing such as spending time with friends and my loved ones, hosting engagement parties and most importantly spending time with my son while teaching and working with other children. Serving God and humanity is what I would inspire to pass on to the future generation.

How do I ensure that am setting a good example to those who look upon me to lead? The answer to that question lies on what I perceive to be the most profound values and beliefs. I firmly believe that people should be subjected to the same treatment as I like to get from them. I also consider myself to be a voice for the voiceless and the helper of the weak and the less fortunate in the society. Respect and honor to the elderly further reinforce that I stand for in my life. Based on my deepest values and believes, I usually try to live a life guided by these principles. Therefore anyone who observes my life as an example will inherit these traits, and they will become the North Star that governs their lives.

In 3-5 years, I want to be helping others by passing the knowledge that I have gained to my students. I am passionate about what I do, and that is why my greatest inspiration is to continue teaching and helping other people grow. Through teaching, I will be able to pass on the necessary skills and ethics to the future leaders. To be successful in the field of education, I will have accomplished the goals of making a difference in my student's lives, making people feel welcome and supported, and help other people see themselves in a positive light.

In conclusion, I want to live a life that I will not feel ashamed of when my time comes to an end. And when I die, I want my friends and family to describe me as a person who touched the lives of people whom I interacted with. My sincere hope is that my actions will inspire and motivate those who will be yearning to follow my lead and that I will serve as an excellent example in my community. So that when I am gone, my deeds will be larger than life and that at least my son will have some footsteps to follow through the journey of life.


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