Essay Sample on Application of Cognitive Restructuring

Published: 2022-12-13
Essay Sample on Application of Cognitive Restructuring
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Cognitive restructuring is a technique applied to understand moods and feelings, as well as tackling the occasionally-bad "automatic beliefs" that lies after them. It can be used to restructure the needless negative thoughts that are encountered often. It is unpleasant to have bad moods; they might decrease performance quality, in addition to undermining relationships. Cognitive restructuring aids one to alter the unhelpful conditions in a manner that is positive to structure the mind. In the mid-1950s, Albert Ellis, a psychologist developed cognitive restructuring, grounded on previous people's assignment, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the main component. This technique can be used to change and control negative thinking, which sometimes is associated with damaging behavior (Ackerman). This paper will address an individual's application of cognitive restructuring in handling negative thoughts of insomnia.

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More often, I have been struggling with insomnia knowing clearly that I will be affected the subsequent day. This occurs due to frustrations or anxiety which begins the response of stress. The system of wakefulness strengthens the response to stress, the system of sleep is weakened, and sleep becomes hard. Certain instances of negative thoughts on sleep are: last night I did not have sufficient rest, and hence, it might seem hard to work tomorrow, I must use a pill to sleep among others.

Therefore, I overcame this insomnia through the application of cognitive restructuring. I decided to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. For example, the issue of taking pills to sleep I replaced with, it is possible to sleep without pills, I can do well minus the pills, for me to sleep well, sleeping pills are not an option, and it might be easier to sleep often I try without the pills. Additionally, thoughts such as I will not function well since I did not sleep last night I have replaced with, my functioning during the day is not affected by sleep, in the majority of instances, the bad thing likely to occur in the course of the day if I get insufficient sleep is that I might have bad moods. I also believe that it is possible to handle the loss of sleep, particularly if it occurs little nights weekly, in case I receive core sleep, my functioning will not be affected and my performance will enhance during daytime as the temperature on my body increases. I have also believed that when the heat on my body drops in the night it is possible to sleep and my brain desired to receive core slumber.

To ensure the above thoughts are put in practice, I have a Sleep Diary that I will apply to think on the nights I used the pills in the week, as well as how many pills used. I will then assess the schedule in the current week and select three (3) subsequent nights that I am not likely to have much pressure the day that follows. I then reduce the number of pills I take. I then apply a positive example, "it is possible to perform well the following day if I did not sleep better even after reducing the pills."

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