Essay Example Comprising the Journal Entry - Child Care

Published: 2022-08-19
Essay Example Comprising the Journal Entry - Child Care
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Child care also referred to as the daycare, is the supervision and care of a child or children between the ages of six weeks and around thirteen at a given time. Child care is often undertaken by a babysitter, a nanny, a teacher, or other providers. The early childcare is a critical and important topic in the development of a child. The providers often turn out to be the first teachers of these children. Thus, child care often plays an integral part in the development of a child. Therefore, parents must ensure quality from the care providers for their children to have a successful future (NICHD Early Child Care Research Network, 2005). The main focus of child care is the development of the children psychologically, socially, and mentally.

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Choices that families have for childcare

Making the child care decision is not often a simple choice for the parents. The parents must weigh the needs of their children with the available options before they can choose from the three major types of child care which includes in-home care, family child care, and center based care (Healthy Children, 2018).

In-Home Care

It is often the most convenient choice for most families. In-Home care involves the caregiver going to the child's home.


The advantages of this approach include the reception of a more individual attention by the child from the caregiver, the child is always more comfortable being a familiar environment, and limited exposure to the seasonal ailments as well as other communicable diseases such as flu and colds that the child may get exposed to when in the company of others (Healthy Children, 2018).


However, having an in-home caregiver also has myriad of challenges such as the inability to find skilled in-home caregivers for the starters, inability of the caregiver and the child to follow rules in the absence of the parents, insecurity for not knowing what the in-house caregiver is doing in your absence, and a backup plan when the caregiver is absent (Healthy Children, 2018).

Family Child Care.

This childcare option involves the providers supervising more than one child. Mothers often do it with children. The family child care option is not always convenient compared to in-home care. Nonetheless, in some situations, this option provides a more focused and home-like environment that is not easy to find in the in-home care.


Most family child care centers have policies that are followed.

The family child care is often provided by professionals qualified, accredited, registered, and recognized by the state.

The family child care centers always provide a list of programs that the parents can choose from.

The child often grows in the company of others.


The child is always exposed and may contract communicable diseases.

There may be cases of bullying as the child is in the company of other children.

Center-Based Care.

Center-Based Care is the most available option for the parents. The centers may be owned by churches, individuals, schools, employers, or government agencies. They are mostly known as the child care centers nursery school, preschool, learning centers and much more. These centers often provide the care from a central location.


The child centers are always licensed and inspected regularly for safety, health, staffing, cleanliness, and the program consent. Thus, the parents are always at liberty to choose from the available centers with the required programs for their children.


Some of these centers do not always meet the required standards set by the state. Thus, parents ought to perform a complete background check before enrolling their children.


Healthy Children (2018). Making Child Care Choices Count for Your Family. Retrieved 10 October 2018, from Early Child Care Research Network. (2005). Child care and child development: Results from the NICHD study of early child care and youth development. New York: Guilford Press.

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