Free Essay Sample on OSHA Programs

Published: 2019-10-16
Free Essay Sample on OSHA Programs
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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a United States organization that is responsible for the protection of employees within the working environment regarding health and safety. The Congress formed OSHA in 1971 based on the Occupation Safety and Health Act that was enacted in 1970. The body has been instrumental in enhancing the safety and health of the US workers. The organization runs several programs such as training, assistance, outreach, and education in association with firms and businesses to ensure that the working conditions of employees are according to the required standards. This excerpt is a brief overview of several questions entailing the mandate of OSHA.

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Question 1: Cooperative Program for a Small Printing Business

OSHA cooperative programs are essential for business organizations that are committed to enhancing the safety and health of workers. The group runs five major Cooperative Programs: Alliance Program, OSPP, VPP, OSHA Challenge Program, and SHARP. A small business that prints business cards and letterhead have limited activities and the scope of operation is low. Such a business has few workers as compared to other large organizations. The workers interact with machines that perform duties such as printing, duplicating, and packaging. Besides, such businesses could also offer delivery services, and the use of computers is extensive. Therefore, the working environment for employees can be associated with possible risks such as excess exposure to the heat radiations emanating from machines during operation. The workers safety and health is also needed in such a business.

The best OSHA voluntary cooperative program for such businesses is the OSHA Alliance Program. The program entails the collaboration of OSHA and the organization in reducing the cases of fatalities, illnesses, and injuries within the work place. The program will assist the small printing business to improve the safety and health of the employees. OSHA will work with the management of the enterprise to develop necessary compliance resources and tools that will assist the organization to improve the working environment. OSHA will also support the business by providing vital information for workers the administration as well as providing education relevant to the business operations to enhance the experience of employees (Department of Labor, 2015). Moreover, the program will sensitize the management and the employees concerning their respective rights and responsibilities. The business in turn will support the OSHA through outreaching and communication.

Question 2: Responsibilities of Challenge Administrators

The Challenge Voluntary Program was created to give an opportunity to business organizations, agencies, and groups to be part of OSHA initiatives of enhancing safety and health for workers. OSHA Challenge allows qualified volunteers to represent the organization as administrators who must demonstrate the advanced skills, knowledge, and competencies regarding the safety and health of workers. The officials assist in training and education of the workers within their organizations or groups as representatives of OSHA (OSHA, 2014). The volunteers also help by encouraging high standards and performance within the working environment to ensure that the workers are safe while executing their duties. The Challenge Administrators are also responsible for tracking and reporting to OSHA at specially designated periods.

Furthermore, the Challenge Administrators evaluate the activities of the challenge participants and confirm the progress with the OSHA management. The administrators work with the members to ensure that they improve their safety and health skills, and the progress is recorded for analysis and possible VPP Merit recognition. The Challenge Administrators being majorly federal representatives, private sector firms, and non-profit associations assist in executing the diversified mandates of OSHA to reduce the burden associated with quality checks and compliance (OSHA, 2014). The administrators also sponsor at least ten challenge participants and if possible, select coordinators to assist in managing the activities of the sponsored entities.

Question 3: Benefits of OSHA Alliance to Employers and Workers

The OSHA Alliance participants work with the organization to ensure that the OSHA strategic goals are achieved. The alliances assist in raising the necessary awareness as well as providing the existing opportunities for workers and employers to take part in the process of making the rules and regulations. The OSHA Alliance is important for employees and their respective organizations. The activities of the Alliance include the sharing of the significant information about the approaches to the prevention of injuries, fatalities, and illnesses. The employees can access essential tools to improve their safety and health during their work whenever their organization has an alliance with OSHA. The agency performance regarding OSHA objectives is enhanced through the Alliance because the workers are trained and educated on their rights an how to use the knowledge to improve their working environment (OSHA, 2013). The employer is assisted to leverage the available resources to maximize the output in terms of the safety and health requirements as defined by the OSHA strategies. Through the progressive dialogue with the agency, Alliances assist the employer to adhere and commit to the rights of workers, which is essential in attaining the required measures of safety and health. The partners access training, skills, and resources through the OSHA Alliance. Such advantages are critical to the workers and employers inputs towards securing the working environment (OSHA, 2013).

Question 4: Procedures for Achieving Star Status in VPP

Several measures must be fulfilled for a federal representative, an agency, or group to attain the Star status and the associated merits. The Star Program was developed to identify the best working environment in organizations. The developed OSHA guidelines define the criteria for identifying such groups and accord the Star status whenever the employer has implemented the necessary requirements entirely. For Star recognition, the Total Case Incident Rate (TCIR) and the Day Away Restricted and Transfer (DART) incident rate evaluated over a period of three years should be below the published BLS averages for either the SIC or NAICS values (OSHA, 2003). The organization should also have attained the essential factors of the Safety and Health Management System. Therefore, the agency should incorporate management leadership as well as employee involvement through commitment, participation, and contract coverage. Furthermore, a system for identifying and analysis hazards must be in place based on the Worksite Analysis requirements such as hygiene, routine, and inspection. An analytical and systematic process for investigating accidents, preventing, and controlling hazards should be in place (OSHA, 2003). The organization should also have a comprehensive system for emergency preparedness and response, disciplinary procedures, maintenance for equipment, and hazard correction tracking process. Besides, the organization should have a culture of many safety and health training for managers, employees, and their supervisors.


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