Free Essay with an Application Letter to Virginia School of Dentistry

Published: 2019-08-15
Free Essay with an Application Letter to Virginia School of Dentistry
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Going to a dentistry school is one significant move in my life that will see my parents spend a lot of money and will also see me spend four years in the school. Therefore, it is a place that I want to feel comfortable in. The first thing I would look for in a dentistry school is the student-faculty ratio. While some people would appreciate large classes, I would want fewer students in one class because it would make my interaction with the lecturers much easier. I believe that lesser students in class make it possible for the teacher to reach all the students, and none is left behind. At the same time reaching other students will also be easier since I do not want to be in one class for long and end up not knowing all my classmates in the long run. However larger classes would mean more friends and an extensive network for me, but that is secondary.

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The other thing that I look for in a dentistry school is the grading system that a school uses. I would be keen to know if the students are graded regarding pass or fail or it is the use of categories. It definitely will affect my effort regarding studying to beat the grade mark if it is the system being used. As much as a dentistry school would offer excellent class work, my primary concern would be if they have avenues to improve students experiences. Do they have their clinics where students can practice and learn their skills? I am aware that some dentistry schools have an affiliation with hospitals where they send their students that would also be suitable for me. A factor I consider which is closely related to the experienced clinics is the type of patients that I will encounter as a student. Having patients who suffer from different kinds of dental problems will ensure that my experience is widened in readiness for the future patients. I would look for housing opportunities. I would value a school which offers accommodation because living outside school would be expensive and I am more concerned with my security. As much as my focus is on my dentistry studies, I would look for a school that has different clubs. I believe that too much work without play my affect the other social aspects of my life and, therefore, finding a less formal co-curriculum activity like a sports club will be important to create balance. Personally, I would want to join an indoor sports club such as swimming or badminton club.

First of all, I would love to study at VCU School of Dentistry because it has been in operation for over a century and, therefore, means that they have one of the best experiences when it comes to dentistry. Furthermore, the school offers advanced education in some programs like General Dentistry, Endodontic and General Practice residency in dental medicine. VCU School of Dentistry provides prospects for selected, qualified persons to study dentistry under the most favorable settings and in agreement with the standards recognized by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. There are different awards given to different students which can be an addition when it comes to job recommendations in the future. It is located in a suitable location that has the kind of weather and atmosphere that I love.

If I get accepted into VCU School of Dentistry, there are several qualities that I am sure I will introduce to the school. The first skill will be strong interpersonal skills. As I aim to be a successful dentist, it is important that I be a peoples person. People can be intimidated to go to dentists and would reluctantly open up. Therefore, a dentist and dentistry student must be approachable and put patients and people they meet at ease. Strong interpersonal skills will also be handy when dealing with other staff members like the assistant and hygienist. The same skills would be essential in the dentistry class and programs.

Second quality would be excellent communication skills. Excellent communication skills are essential in any social set up; be it an organization or a mere gathering. Many people get left out or feel left out because they do not have the communication skills to express their ideas and opinions. Communication skills will help me in effectively asking questions where I do not understand. It will also give me a hand when expressing myself in case I encounter a patient since I will have to give a diagnosis and preventive care. Through excellent communication skills, I will be able to explain quickly complicated procedures and information to patients.

The problems solving skill is essential in dentistry, and I will introduce it to the classes and programs. Most patients may have dental problems, but sometimes it may take an extra thought to come up with the best solution to the problem. Finally, I would introduce a good business sense in the program. As much as dentistry involves caring for patients it is also a business that needs thinking to make a profit without exploiting the patients. In this sense, I am very keen when it comes to expenditure and legal matters. Most dental cases may have to be solved in a court of law and sometimes to ensure that the business booms marketing can be significant. As much as it is underrated, I believed that humor is essential in any setup. I am naturally a humorous person. I believe that through humor a lot can be solved quickly. I tend to find humor in most situations to avoid holding grudges and over reacting. Any place with many people can have conflict and sometimes it is not as severe as it appears and in such situations is when humor comes in. As a dentist to make your client calm down, humor is also essential and can help in calming their nerves.

I have been involved in several activities that have revealed m y leadership skills in the past both in class and outside class. One activity that shows my leadership skills comes in the form of working for an underserved community after my graduation. The duration which I worked in the city made me encounter many people from different cultures and locations. It was a testing moment as there was always conflict. Sometimes no work could be done due to lack of equipment and dentists. However, I knew that I needed to be mature, patient and understanding in such circumstances. I was very accommodating and patient with the people that I worked with. Sometimes their morale would be down, and they would not see any sense in working in such conditions anymore. I made it my responsibility to encourage them by being a hard worker despite the problems and gradually each staff member became motivated, and we all finished our duties. I was patient, lived by example and I understood the people around me especially my junior staff members.

I have had a big impact in my community regarding informing and educating people about dental care. After analyzing the lifestyle and lack of ability for people in my community to take care of their daily bills, I embarked on helping them understand other ways of taking care of their dental hygiene. Initially, it was a challenge because of resistance and lack of trust but with time, the seminars started picking momentum. I have been able to hold small seminars with different groups of people and to educate them on the importance of dental care. Throughout the period that I have been working with these groups, I have improved regarding confidence when addressing people. The people that I had and was addressing came from different age groups from young to old. The fact that most people took their time to come for the seminars and listen to me was impressive. Some of the listeners went as far as asking questions which I answered as required.

I have developed enough confidence that I did not have before. Before starting my seminars, I was slightly nervous, and I believe it was because I did not believe in myself. However after graduating and gaining more experience and confidence in my field, I have grown more confident. Somehow I still feel that there is an area that I can still improve on. That one area is showing compassion for the people I interact with. As much as I feel pity and sorry for most people that I meet, I have a problem of showing. In fact, there are times when I do not know what to say to a suffering person. Sometimes I feel that I do not indicate enough emotions and compassion when dealing with people, and it may affect my practice. As a dentist, I believe that I should be able to be compassionate and be honest at the same time. Honesty mostly takes over, and I offend a lot of people when I am honest. It is through honesty and compassion that a patient can see that a dentist is there to help them and not only take their money for the services they offer.

I believe that there are several applicants with the same qualification. However, I should be chosen to VCU School of Dentistry because I have a passion for dentistry. My passion is my motivation to be hungry to learn more and become the best practitioner. I also believe that I should be chosen because of my respect for VCU School of Dentistry. A school that has 110 years of experience when it comes to dentistry is surely the best around, and it would be a pleasure to be part of the journey. Together with the two reasons, I believe that my volunteer work for the underserved community has proven that I am ready to learn more and help more people in the future as a dentist.

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