Nutrition Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-16
Nutrition Essay Sample
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The meal with the highest calories was Dinner.

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I think this meal had the highest calories because during dinner I used to take very light meals with very low-fat content, and it was a snack and a drink. For dinner, I would take some beans also rice and vegetables which had some high content of calories. This choice also is rich in calorie of about 1500 calories total which is of importance to weight loss. I also think it was dinner since I had no any other activity to carry after taking it hence I would prefer some calories content food during dinner.

The decisions that made me to this diet were due to my target which is to lose weight. I had to work with recommended calories for weight loss which is a diet if 1557 calories and this is the total count for all the food. Also, I chose this kind of food since from the daily activities that I undertake I do workouts which make me sweat and to regain the energy and keep fit I had to adhere to this kind of the meal.

There are some motivations for the food that I took. The first is weight management; this has been most of my all time motivation since I need to lose weight. I have been adhering to the diet list to achieve this goal. The other motivation is the king of healthy life I started living when I started the exercise. I had several changes by my body and life. My breathing changed, and I now had a moderate breathing rate. I became flexible, and I could even do heavy duty for long hours without lacking air. All these considerations made me keep to the diet and maintain the kind of physical activity that I was undertaking.

The meal with the highest fat was Lunch

I managed this fat intake from the vigorous exercise that I used to do for the two days. The running and team practice helped me a lot to break this fat. I also managed it by taking it during the daytime so that I can still have many activities to take hence I would have done some work which helped in the breakdown. Despite people's negative thinking on the fat consumption but provided a person undertakes exercise and has some vigorous daily activities then it will not have effects since its made useful.

I knew while making this choice of fat intake and I was determined and knew it would not affect my target of weight reduction. I also considered this because I did not want to do a lot of exercises then eat poorly since I still wanted to have energy and balance both the eating and the daily activities. Fats are also necessary for the human body since it helps in the general body performance and generation of energy.

Comparing this for meals I would rank them from best to worst; dinner, snack, breakfast, and lunch. I choose to rate this way since I enjoyed a lot dinner for the calories content that it has, a opt to have lunch as my worst meal because of the fat content. I did not like the fats much, but I had to have it. Snack was also among my best since it was not a dense food, and I would feel satisfied by taking a snack and doing my daily activity.

From my general analysis, the average calories content for a person who is up to weight reduction is between 1200 to 1500 calories. From the diet and the daily activities am undergoing I have maintained as per the instructions and it is working hence the analysis is excellent and of importance.


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