A Human Resources Management Strategy. Free Essay

Published: 2023-04-19
A Human Resources Management Strategy. Free Essay
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Q1: Human resource functions motivate employees to perform at the highest level in an organization.

Our Organization managers, therefore, instill value to the company through training and rewarding the workers to improve their morale. The human resource organization also promotes the links between the employer and employee and by rewarding the well-performing employees in the organization. Our HR is responsible for creating and managing a worker recruitment system that attracts, trains, and motivates employees (Figurska & Matuska, 2013). The other value that HR organization adds to our organization is through the creation of legal protection against wrongdoings and discrimination in lawsuits. The lawsuit helps managers and business owners to understand the organization and the different activities conducted in them.

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Customers are able to obtain the best product and services offered by the organization without any challenges. The HR aligns customer strategies while creating a talent decision system in an organization. The outcome of the services and products produced by the organization will impact customers living in one perspective to another.

Q2: Non-HR managers are more involved in developing and creating HRM practices because of the strategic management of the company.

Human resource practices will assist the organization in participating in decision-making in the management of the future operation of the organization. The HRM practices help in the creation of a compensation plan that propagates the organization's wages and competitiveness in the business market. The HRM practices an effective factor in salaries and wage extensive plans. The organization also will realize the benefits that involve the hiring of employees, turnover rate, and attrition (Noe et al., 2015). The program will help in attracting more employees and workers in the organization system. Non-HR managers will be able to enjoy workplace safety, a factor that will help them in developing active, steady growth in the organization.

Human resource practice is a productive activity in organizational growth and stability. This is because it aligns with the organization's strategic management services that assist in making an active decision in an organization (Figurska & Matuska, 2013). Secondly, the company will practice sufficient wages and salaries services without conflicting on some of its services. The organization will be able to analyze its benefits and budget its functions effectively. There are other benefits, such as safety and risk management services, minimization of liability issues, employee satisfaction, and recruitment operations.


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