Essay Sample: Creating a More Human Working Place

Published: 2023-03-16
Essay Sample: Creating a More Human Working Place
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Having a business that is operational and working as per its expectations it is still not enough for a company that is facing competition from other companies that are in the same field. Understanding this, can really help an organization to shape itself towards success. It is obvious for every business that is put up, is usually put up with the intentions of having it do best in its market. This calls for the business to have projects done that serve the purpose of upgrading, adding profits, and even making a company a giant in its market and even making it a place that every person can want to work in and be associated with.

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Therefore, bearing this in mind one of the business case that can be done on a company like Woodland Hills Wine Company that produces Scarecrow Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 wine, is having to come up with a project on manufacturing and selling tea with their brand. Such a business case can really boost the sales, popularity, and give the company a boost in becoming a multinational cooperation. Therefore, working to have a tea with the wines brand, can really wheel the company towards its success. The reason being the fact that the company is pushing towards dominating in its market field. It is from the outcomes from the profits that the project can bring into the company that align with the goals and objectives of such an organization.

The purpose of this project is to give insights to the Woodland Hills Wine Company management of the potential profits that they can get by implementing this idea. The business case will provide clear directions on how the management can work on the project to make it a success. Moreover, this project is designed to improve the standards of the wine's brand by making it more known even by those that do not use wine. It can also be considered as a way of marketing in that it does not just utilize funds but bring income to the company as it markets the wine's brand.

One of the issue that the project can solve is the issue of marketing the brand by going beyond the boundaries of just targeting those that drink wine. This projects targets to break through other markets that have been dominated by other brands and making itself known. Moreover, the benefits that the project brings are more profits to the company and boosting popularity of the brand.

The project goal is to make the brand of the wine to be widely known. It is more of a marketing strategy in that it is also generating income to the company. For the short-term goal, the project can be a marketing tool and a way to get to new grounds and also as a way to generate income to fund the project in making it a big deal. Therefore, in the long-term goal it is designed to make also the tea brand to be a big deal in that when combined together with the wine they dominate both in the markets of the wine and tea market (Matthee, 1996). Moreover, the project advances organizational goals and objectives of the wine company in that it gives the company another perspective in which it can generate income and be successful at the long run. It also avoids duplication of any enterprise architecture in that, it gives room for operations to carry on as before without interrupting them in terms of manufacturing, distribution and meeting their customer needs

The risk that the organization can face as a result of taking such a project is the risk of having to first go loses in case it does not work out. This is because breaking in new grounds and a market that is new to such an organization needs funds to push until people get used to the product that they are offering.

Working on such a project will have a big impact on other tea companies, from the small to the big companies. Moreover, it will also have an impact on the company itself in the finances sector. However, funding such a big project can be done by looking for partnerships that will contribute in their part to make it a success.

However, arriving at the project one is supposed to also look into other alternatives that can be taken as options that can be considered in case the project fails. One of the alternative is having a project to have beverages with the wines brand name. Looking into the beverages market some companies have done it. Therefore it is also possible for such a company to also succeed in the sector. The second alternative is having the company venture into the coffee industry. Liquor companies have done it and therefore, it is very evident that the company can also be able to do it. The third alternative is constructing joints in different places all over the world where the wine can be taken close to the consumers. This is fetched from the java coffee company in the way that they have set joints at local places in different countries s as to be close to their customers. The fourth alternative is the idea of having such a company to sponsor certain sports that are widely known by many (Williams & Jackson, 2011). Doing this can really give the brand popularity. It is from the fact that certain beers like Guinness support sports like football.

On financial considerations, the company can get the capital from the investors that are willing to invest in the business and also getting into partnership. Moreover, on the operating cost, the company can get the funds from the revenue that the projects generate as they continue to grow (Sahlman, 1990). Additionally on the total cost, it can be dealt with by looking at what the company have in terms of the money that it have generated.

Moreover, in the acquisition strategy plan, the company can look into companies that have a plan toward the same goals in future in order to partner with. This is by having a ground background on the companies they partner with in order to not have loses in future. Besides, Preliminary scope of the project can be organized in a way that it takes place during the time that the company is at its pick in generating revenue. During this period it can be very favorable in that there can be sources of funds to support the project and prevent it to fail at its first stages.Assumptions and constrains used when coming up with this business case is the fact of having the project getting to win people and thus making them the company customers. Also increasing the profits is another assumption can also be considered to be a reason of having come up with such a project.


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