Correctional Management: Gaining Skills to Manage Facilities & Assuring Career Success - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-17
Correctional Management: Gaining Skills to Manage Facilities & Assuring Career Success - Essay Sample
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Correctional management is the fact that individuals who are in power are given information that will enable them to gain skills on the ways to manage their facilities even as much as the bills and budget of a particular state are concerned (Thompson, 2018). Similarly, it informs leaders for the direct assurance for the rise in their various ranks. Significantly, this topic of study provides learners with knowledge and understanding regarding the current issues facing several nations across the world, including their institutional corrections. California is one of the states that has several current problems in correctional management. Therefore several correctional impacts have been realized.

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The Impact of Gangs and Gang Violence

Several gang cases have led to an increase in the number of inmates in the state of California. Previously, there were a few cases involving gang violence in various communities. Gang violence is considered dangerous and deadly in these particular communities posing a grave threat to the citizens. Indeed there is a rapid increase in the cases of gang violence in the state of California (Sarvananthan, 2016). Researchers have suggested that many reasons may lead to crime and an increase in gang cases in California. Due to the lack of some needs to particular individuals find it wise to join gang groups to help them carter for their needs. Other individuals are being brought up from families are gang members, so due to this effect as they mature up, they also get themselves as gangs due to family influence.

Typically, these current issues on gang violence can seriously affect the safety of families in the state of California when not taken care of. Meaningfully enough, parents are the center educators to their children on the several effects of gangs in a particular community. In other words, they must teach their children that being part of the gang can ruin their lives. On the other hand, California schools have set measures at the school level to help in combating gang cases, and this has significantly reduced the number of gangs and gang violence cases. Jeopardy program has been put in place in California; this is basically to show that the security force has fully got in touch with students. Jeopardy program focuses on the decrease in truancy since it was the central problem to the increase in gang violence and several other measures to combat the issues.

The Impact of Illegal Drugs and other Contraband

Illegal drugs are one of the problems that have to be corrected in the state of California. It covers a more significant percentage of individuals affected. Basing the discussion on the drug abuse and contraband interdiction in California's prison, frequently rehabilitation centers have been looking at the possible ways to curb or reduce the rate of contraband issues that are regularly being smuggled into California’s prison over many years. Many measures have been designed by the department dealing with the correctional standard concerning drug and other contraband products into the various institutions. Thing like body scanners has never worked over the years to help the departments in eliminating contraband products into the prison.

In recent years prison officials have been assigned duties to keenly observe on the inmates with cell phones since research has put it clear that the inmate order drugs using these particular cellphones into the prison. The problem of drug smuggling has rapidly risen across California, which is facilitated by the connections that the inmates have ant the outsiders in ordering the drugs ( Irwin et al., 2019, p. 493). Therefore the government has put in place strict rules to help reduce the rate of drug and contraband products. Constant charges are set to the individuals suspected to be dealing with such prohibited acts of drug trafficking and contraband product into the California prisons.

Additionally, flash incarceration, which is a tool to eliminate the offenders in many jails across the world, has been used by the California inmates to transport drugs into the prison by hiding them inside their bodies. Therefore they cannot be detected by the body scanners into the county jails posing a very tiresome exercise the department dealing with the drug and contraband products.

The Impact of Gender and Transgender-Related Issues

Practically, gender is simply the state of an individual is a female or a male in simple definition .however, transgender is a terminology set aside to describe individuals whose gender identities assigned to them when they were born do not correspond to their sex (Ettner et al., 2016). California is considered one of the best states in giving power in the matters concerning transgender issues. The management has set programs in public schools to teach on the history of gender and transgender issues. Seriously, transgender students are given the freedom to choose restrooms and also to sports activities that they feel the best match their gender identities. Additionally, California is regarded as the first state to legalize the gay relationships and the sense of no panic to gay and transgender fright on murder trials that were there in the ancient days.

Transgender is given priority to ensure they feel like part of the citizens by setting laws to enable them to use washrooms corresponding to their gender identities. And therefore, as a matter of fact, transgender is of more value and given the freedom to decide on what to do in California. However, two laws are affecting transgender individuals in California. For instance, sporting activities allow transgender participants to compete against their gender identities. Secondly, in public schools, accommodations are provided strictly on gender-sensitive, and therefore this does not favor transgender individuals.

The Impact of Medical and Mental Health Issues

Mental illness is a significant problem in California, affecting both the adults and youth generation, and therefore this calls for severe medical facilities. This problem has acted as a hindrance to young children actively participates in major life activities. Mental health disorders stand to be the most commonly diagnosed health problems (Chen et al., 2020). There has been a rapid rise in mental illness in recent years, while the standards of treatment have never kept up. Statistically, southern California often experiences an upward trend in the rate at which individuals that are below the age of 18 are admitted to hospitals due to mental issues.


In conclusion, California is in the state that has relatively made a step move on the ways to curb several problems. It has dramatically shown an impact on how to combat the problem of drug and contraband issues, gang and gang violence, issues involving gender and transgender, and lasting impact on the medical and mental health issues.


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