Free Essay. Conversation Management and Self-Disclosure

Published: 2023-10-11
Free Essay. Conversation Management and Self-Disclosure
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Explain how one can alter their Verbal and One Way They Can Alter Their Nonverbal Communication to Enhance Their Job Satisfaction at Work, Using and Citing Bevan (Section 6.2). Then, discuss how following These Guidelines could help you or Some Hypothetical Workers be more satisfied.

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The formal language I a clear language that does not substantiate too much emotion; on the other hand, informal language could sometimes be unclear and has less professionalism (Bevan 2020, section 6.2). Mostly I tend to use verbal and non-verbal communication depending on the type of people I communicate with. While addressing non-office related issues, I prefer non-verbal communication with workmates who are friends or close colleagues. However, in some instances, due to the interaction with colleagues and friends, sometimes use non-verbal language even in some office-related matters. An increase in verbal communication at the workplace makes the people in the office feel respected. This is specifically important to senior employees. For example, my CEO will expect me to use verbal language as a show of respect and honor to them. Such a move will make my seniors fell respected at their work; hence they will be satisfied with their jobs.

On the other hand, using formal language to the junior employees will make them see the job's seriousness and focus on working harder. In this case, it will make me feel like someone who commands respect, which could also satisfy me at my workplace. Moreover, I could use informal language to non-business-related issues to ease too much formal office boredom and monotony. However, the language should be limited at a respectable level; sometimes, informal language could be disrespectful (Bevan 2020). Furthermore, informal language makes people feel like they are part of the organizational family. It enhances friendship, bringing people close to each other during the worktime and after work. Feeling like a part of something in an institution makes people feel appreciated and loved. Hence people are more satisfied to work in a friendly environment where one does not feel like they are at the organization only because they work there. People would opt to work where their social life is more appreciated through fun and non-verbal communication.

In Section 7.2, Bevan discusses many Elements of Conversation Management. Here You will Address Establishing Rapport Specifically by doing the following:

Explain what Rapport is and why it Matters, Utilizing Bevan.

Having a rapport means having the ability to interact with others, communicate with them, and understanding one another (Bevan 2020). Rapport is considered as the foundation for a growing friendship with the person with who one communicates. It can also enhance a satisfying relationship with people one communicates with. Rapport matter because it creates a connection between the people who were initially strangers and makes them build a friendship that can last forever.

Define and describe one of the first three principles of Building Rapport, From Bevan – Confidence, Creativity, and Or Caring.

Bevan (2020) quotes Zunin's (1986) principles of building a rapport. These include confidence, creativity, caring, and consideration. Being creative means finding ways to appeal to others' feelings and emotions. For example, being humorous and making appropriate jokes, one could also notice an interesting thing about an individual and comment on it. Having interest and confidence can always create a way to establish an effective conversation with other people. However, creativity and humor should not be exceeded since, in some instances, excess humor and creativity can annoy people. On the other hand, inappropriate jokes could also discourage the development of a rapport.

Share an Example to illustrate how one of the Principles can enhance either a Personal or Professional Relationship.

Showing that you care is mainly initiated by listening and showing interest in people's lives and asking them about their lives. A simple show of interest, such as putting a mobile phone to the pocket, makes one more encouraged to create a relationship and interact with an individual. On the other hand, when one only wants others to listen to them, he is considered rude and could result in a bad report with the other party. Listening also helps in understanding people, knowing what they like and what they do not like hence can be helpful in the progress of a relationship. For example, when one knows the other party does not like populated places, they will avoid it. Generally, listening is a fundamental principle for creating a good report. Sometimes, interjecting ones by feeling and showing that one is genuinely empathic to someone can further enhance their openness and create a good rapport. One can make more friends in two months by being interested in other people's lives than one can make in two years by making people interested in them (2020).

Self-Disclosure is an Important Part Of Relationship-Building and Maintenance and Is Also Important for Self-Awareness and Mental Health. To Demonstrate an Understanding of this Topic, Please do the following:

  • Define Self-Disclosure, Using, and Citing Bevan.
  • Self-disclosure happens when someone discloses the last details about themselves to others (Bevan 2020). It involves giving out more than the general information to the person, such as fears, failures, among other personal secrets.
  • Explain at least two Rewards of Self-Disclosure (E.G., Better Self-Understanding and Personal Mental Health and Building and Maintaining Meaningful Relationships).

Self-disclosure helps one understand oneself more as a person who needs others and who have challenges and problems. Moreover, it helps the people that one is opening to understand them better. For example, one could be afraid to get into a relationship because of previous traumas and problems. With opening to others about the experience, one can understand this behavior. One may even fail to notice that such traumas affect them, but opening to someone could create self-realization. Additionally, it could also be helpful for individual mental health. For example, when one reviews a depressing problem to the other, they will be empathic to them, and this can help with their depression and reduce stress. With such psychological help, one maintains good mental health. This could also boost one's self-esteem after the disclosure, for example, when one gives a positive response to a person's disclosure.

Explain At Least Two of the Risks of Self-Disclosure.

Contrary to this, when one discloses private information to people, they become more vulnerable to them, and in some instances, vulnerability is not a good thing to a Person. People may hate you when they find what you have disclosed. Others could not be secretive and could disclose private information to other people, increasing their depression or stress. Others could blow it off, take it lightly, and this can make one feel unwanted. Therefore, there is always a need for a person to be cautious about the people they disclose their private information. It is also not advisable to disclose the information to the people while creating a report; this should be at the late stage of the relationship when one knows and understands the other people better.


Bevan, J.L. (2020). Making connections: Understanding Interpersonal Communication (3rd ed.). Retrieved from:

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