Essay Sample on Safety and Agency Responsibility

Published: 2023-10-11
Essay Sample on Safety and Agency Responsibility
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As an administrator, I would ensure that there is an active preparedness plan in place for a violent situation before the planning for workplace violence. All organizations must have a proactive workplace violence plan that can help neutralize a deplorable condition. Workplace violence is common in many organizations, and firms that are well prepared can forestall react promptly and recoup after the incident. An effective plan for workplace violence ought, therefore, to be in three stages that include preparedness, the actual prevalence, and the recovery stage.

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Draft A Plan for A Human Services Organization Explaining How to Address Traumatic Emergency Situations. Include Both How to Respond to The Emergency

A threat evaluation group is defined as an interdisciplinary group that will work with the company executives to analyze any potential for violence in the organization or the workplace environment and therefore develop an actualized plan to address the issue. The program should outline the first response in case only incidences, which is to call 911, the company executive, after that the company staff. Notifying the workers can be done in the reality of the event or the situation, which includes automated computerization information through text messages or app company landlines or emails. Additionally, training on the preparedness or on the actions that can be taken in case of an incidence of violence in the workplace should be undertaken throughout the year.

How to Address Any Long-Term Effects?

The policy should be employed in case of pf an incidence in the company. Of importance is for the organization personnel to remain calm; this is essential as it gives room for the determination of the level of lethality, and this helps build a plan. After that, a 911 call should be made and another to the company executives, so they disseminate the information to the rest of the company personnel through the desired or appropriate means of communication (Northouse, 2018). However, safety is the key element to safeguard the staff and all other individuals involved in the construction.

Workplace violence victims have a prolonged risk to emotional as well as a post-traumatic stress disorder, which is a common affliction among the victims of physiological warfare, veterans, dread as well as depression. These decreased workplace capacity disturbances are associated with families. However, in most instances, the workers accuse themselves when injured in an assault with the goal that the director may advance such self-fault. However, the survivor and the witnesses of violent acts in the workplace need prolonged care and canceling to deal with the trauma that is associated with such an event.

Explain Your Greatest Concern About the Safety of Mental Health Professionals Working in A Human Services Organization.

Despite a few of actual incidences at their agencies, the mental health workers expressed their deep concern for safety. Most of them complained of a lack of security preparedness plan, and this left them feeling vulnerable and mostly responsible for their safety. Additionally, they stated that some of the work settings had security while others had none. However, they noted that the place was so busy that the security protocol was generally ignored or not updated. There is, however, a variety of research that has been conducted in the social setting regarding the security policies, and it has been determined that a large number of the mental health workers agree that the security approach is needed (Zelnick et al., 2013).

In conclusion, while addressing the traumatic emergencies at workplaces, it is critical to note that there is a wide range of sources of workplace violence. therefore, it is important to be careful when laying down a contingency plan to deal with violence at work


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