Free Essay: Control and Limitations to Control Over Corporate Brand Identity

Published: 2023-02-07
Free Essay: Control and Limitations to Control Over Corporate Brand Identity
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Corporate brand identity management is essential for the organization based on its strategic activities as well as its effects. The identity comprises of various elements related to the corporate brand as well as the product that is offered in the market. The corporate identity is sufficient for sustainable competitive advantages. Its management provides an overall dimension that enables effective management and control of the organization. Its growing importance that led to its incorporation in the new marketing paradigm. Despite its relevance, the strategic resources have been a limitation with the focus on its management and control. The corporate brand identity is much focused on brand perceptions as well as the opinions of the consumers (Botschen et al., 2013, 16). Therefore, the critical role of the employee on brand success is not recognized with only a few works of the employees acknowledged. The issue has raised concern in the service sector with the employees' services on the brand as well as their performance that promises life ignored.

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Financial problems have also become limitations to marketing with the various marketing sectors facing diminishing consumer trust and confidence. Through the process, the corporate brand identity management is crucial with its conceptual framework. The framework reflects the different dimensional elements that are relevant construct in marketing (Buil, Catalan, & Martinez, 2016, 12). The brand identity has various features as well as dimensions that are essential for determining the brands. Therefore, it is necessary for the management strategy through its unique aspects as well as ideas that are related to the brand. With the brand identity emphasizing the nature of the organization, the inner vision of the organization is developed thus offering the brand stability while maintaining the identity (Guzman, Roper, Vacas De Carvalho, Miller, & Merrilees, 2015, 438). It is, therefore, possible to distinguish the control and limitation to the control over the corporate brand identity, which comprises of the dynamic dimensions that change the light of the marketing context.

The corporate identity concept is based on the employees' attitudes as well as behaviors, thus increasing the employees' commitment while influencing brand performance and satisfaction. The corporate identity management conceptualizes the multidimensional construct that comprises the focus of the employee and the client as well as the corporate visual identity and the brand personality. Corporate identity management, therefore, encourages commitment, thus driving the success of both the brand and the organization. High level of responsibility by the employees strengthens the causal relationship in the corporate brand identity management, thus creating the bond that exists between the employees and the organization. Although there has been a weak within the organization with the reduced commitment of the employees, the corporate brand identity management influences the way tasks are performed. Therefore, corporate brand identity management has an effect on the performance of the brand as well as the satisfaction of the employee. Enriching the corporate brand identity in marketing strategies addresses the limitations in marketing by developing the theoretical works that are essential for creating effective communication.

Addressing the limitation to control is marketing requires an understanding of the corporate brand identity dimensions ranging from visual identity to multiple facets. These aspects provide the guide for managing the human resources in the organization (Kaufmann, Vrontis, Czinkota, & Hadiono, 2015, 193). The organization has to have the full attention of the customer's and employees' needs while creating training programs that are designed to develop skills that deepen the relationship in the organization. Furthermore, the organization should be aware of the personality identity with a focus on attributes that are coherent in the control process of corporate communication. The employees' satisfaction, as well as useful relation with the clients, foster the bond between the employees and the organization.

Corporate brand identity management plays a useful role in promoting and developing the prosperity of the industry and that of the consumers. For the survival of the firm, the corporate brand identity ensures that the organization expresses its personality while developing its self-identity (Painter-Morland, 2015, 41). The corporate brand identity contributes to the positive growth of the economies, thus plays a role in the functional and emotional facets of marketing strategies. The corporate brand identity unveils the cultural codes in the marketing strategy, thus triggering positive relationships based on the socio-cultural understanding in the form of organizational behaviors.

Critically discuss and contrast inside-out strategic thinking in marketing.

The inside guides the strengths and capabilities of the organization out strategic thinking in marketing. Inside our approach is a passionate customer insight strategy that translates the customers' hidden needs into solutions that serves them best. For the inside-out strategy, customers scumbag themselves through passion, profession as well as the living culture based on their own experiences (Pagani & Otto, 2015, 114). The procedure is based on organizational competencies, talent as well as resources and customer relationship. The distribution network is another feature of the inside-out strategy to marketing. It ensures success with the company shifting its way of meeting customers by changing to the internal goals of maximizing growth.

Unlike the inside out strategy, the inside-outside in strategy is based on the needs of the customer while looking to expand the demands of the customers. The business, therefore, values the market place thus identifies the customers' needs for sustainable growth. It starts with understanding the differences in the needs of the customers while tapping the resources of energy as well as the imagination of the customers (Urde, Baumgarth, & Merrilees, 2015, 113). The outside-out strategy steps up the business with customer questions pursuing the identified market opportunities. It is focused on the external world without minding the limitations of achieving the outside-in perspective success.

The inside-out strategy, therefore, builds up the organizational strengths and abilities to sustain itself by making active choices based on the internal competencies with a well-talented team, long-term customer relationships as well as efficient systems. The strategy provides customer value with the internal market orientation. Although it's essential for the domestic market orientation, it lacks the features for looking at the customer wants as well as the solutions from the viewpoint (Gronroos, 1997, 23). However, if the inside-out strategy is done right, it creates short term gains that help the company increase its efficiency while cutting costs. Also, the inside-out approach focuses on the internal workings of the company thus looks at the existing resources of the company, thus streamlining the internal operations that reduce spending. It leverages strengths through its focus on the current love of the customers to eliminate the weaknesses.

The inside-out strategy in marketing is antiquated due to its traditional way of doing things through planning and strategizing in business. The evolvement of technology requires effective marketing that the inside-out strategy has failed to produce, thus poor customer expectations. The dazzled technology solutions have made the inside out strategy to fail in ensuring customers satisfaction. Besides, the inside-out strategy distracts companies from what is essential. Therefore, for the success of the company, there is a need for the organization to adapt change in the marketplace as well as the commitment in proving the values of the customers (Dickson, Farris, & Verbeke, 2014, 231). The inside out strategy should employ the inside-out strategy features to ensure the success of the company as well as to streamline the processes of working out internally for effective customer value satisfaction. Since the inside-out strategy provides short-term advantages, employing the outside in features offers the continued terms for the company.

Inside-out strategies to marketing is innovative hence essential in the marketing landscape through its unique customer trends that guide the products and services offered. Determining how to expand the products and services is tuned by the customer demands with the strategy looking at solving the trends in a new way based on the opportunities presented in the market. Therefore, the inside out strategy offers more accessible opportunities in the market through the new types of marketing that allow the company to keep in touch with the customers (Moon, 2015, 143). It ensures that the company looks at marketing from the customers' viewpoint while working to integrate the customer experience effectively. Creating successful marketing strategies requires the inside out ways that are essential for understanding the customers' needs.

Discuss Marketing Strategy in the 21st Century. Highlight any changes required when undertaking marketing in networked societies and the potential impact of neo tribes on marketing strategy. Highlight your answer with an example of a new tribe.

In the 21st century, the nature of work is based on digital marketing with companies evolving at an unprecedented pace. With the companies becoming more prominent, different marketing strategies are evolving to account for the new trends as well as technologies. Before the 21st century, the traditional marketing strategies created maintained the customers with the businesses distributing their creativity through effective marketing strategy with minimal maintenance. Introduction of online marketing has changed the marketing strategies with the need for policies that resemble the customer's preferences rather than the blasting products and services (Wright et al., 2015, 121). Various tactics have affected the neo tribe in marketing, including the mobile, social media as well as the programmatic marketing strategies (Constantinides, 2016, 407). For instance, mobile advertising has changed the consumers' way of doing things with about 100 million customers in America, checking services, and products online.

On the other hand, programmatic advertising ensures effective buying through the combines hyper-local targeting of the widening possibilities for the markers. The technology analyses various data to ensure the customers are provided with compelling products and services based on their needs (Cova, 2002, 601). The social media advertising moves the product and services faster with the various strategies implemented in marketing capitalizing on consumer interaction with new brands. Utilizing social media plays a role in extending the customer service plan as well as policy in the best way while improving customer experiences.

Shifting to the 21st-century marketing strategies has led to the change in everything at an increased rate. The 21st century is mainly composed of technology that has caused the shift in marketing strategies based on automobiles as well as customer experiences. Utilizing the tactics of the 21st-century marketing strategy cultivates the interest of the business with consistent a d relevant nature of work. The current marketing strategies comprise of the various marketing framework that is dominant in the business environment.

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