Essay Example on Exemption of For-Profit Organizations from Affordable Care Act

Published: 2019-10-07
Essay Example on Exemption of For-Profit Organizations from Affordable Care Act
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According to the Affordable Care Act, numerous health insurance plans in organizations should cover specific preventive services without asking for co-payments from all the groups inclusive of cancer screenings, immunization as well as all forms of contraception, which are approved by FDA. In reference to the rules issued in 2013, not for profit organizations and religious organizations are exempted from the provision of coverage of contraceptive services. In addition, religious employers are exempted from the act based on section 6033 (a)(3)(A)(i) of the internal Revenue Code. This focuses on churches as well as other houses of worship. However, some for profit organizations have sued the government with an intention of being exempted based on an argument that the requirement of paying for contraception defies their religious beliefs.

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Approximately 99% of women aged between 15-44 years have had sexual intercourse in the past and many have reported to have used contraceptives at one time in their lives. Further 95% of American citizens consider the use of contraceptives as a responsibility to regulate the population growth. When tracking the differences between the for profit organizations and not for profit organizations the ACA contraception compromise balances these institutions since it resolves the moral complexity in public policy in regards to contraception, religion as well as personal autonomy by holding to the values established.

America was established on the main tenets of national identity and the ideals of religious liberty. The ACA respects the values that non-profit religious institutions opt out of offering this coverage to their employees because it violates the sincerity to their held religious beliefs. The Federal exemption of ACA is based in some state laws and in some instances excuses the religious organizations from the provision of referrals.

However, religious liberty is not the only value in play in regards to the issue of contraception, under this; no boss should have the exclusive veto power on the ability of a person to make important decisions about their health care. The act protects this principle without churches and other religious institutions violating their beliefs. Increased access to contraception reduces the need for abortion and unplanned pregnancies.

Most of the times, women need the preventive health care services but with less ability to pay. In addition, they get lower incomes and most of their income is consumed by the health costs. Exempting the for profit organizations based on the religious beliefs of the owners or board of directors would deny a large population of women a chance to access the contraceptions. In addition giving these organizations from ACA would defy the final rules defining the qualification for accommodation, which are; no public trade ownership interests, nonprofit entity and based on the test of federal laws. Therefore, for profit organizations should not be exempted from this act based on the religious beliefs of the owners.

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