Free Essay on Travelling Concepts

Published: 2023-01-26
Free Essay on Travelling Concepts
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Travelling is fascinating but can pose significant problems, especially traveling to a developing country. It can pose some of the best cultural experiences while showcasing enhanced human interactions but still, pose enormous challenges accustoming to a lot of poverty experienced and modest economies. Visiting third world countries requires patience, flexibility, and diplomacy as they are mostly affected by many problems, and adapting can pose a considerable challenge (Wright, n.d.). Learning their language to communicate with the residents is also a big problem, and therefore, one needs to learn their language or find an interpreter. Local taboos in the community and traditions are necessary as some things may be offensive, yet they are not like that in your area.

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The most critical part after determining the place to travel, which in this scenario is Europe, is planning on how to travel. For instance, when you are traveling as a group, you must make sure all the members are updated on your travel date. Then, you need to get your documents in order, and if you don't have a passport, you need to apply right away. You also need to create a budget which will enable you to plan for the resources efficiently so as not to find any hindrances along the trip. Creating an itinerary and booking your airplane to a suitable destination comes next as you need to pick the best mode of transport to get to where you're going safely and efficiently (Lammert, & Sarkowsky, 2010). Considering travel insurance is good as it enables one to have full immune in whatever can happen along the trip while knowing places to go and booking local transportation so that it is easy to travel to destinations they are required to visit important. Ensuring you plan on how to leave your family in one peace so that they do not have problems letting you go while packing your things so as you do not leave anything essential behind in their trip and have a problem accomplishing your set targets.

While considering traveling, one of the critical things to take note of is saving on the cost of traveling. It happens that while one is determined to travel to various destinations, money is what is required to enable them to accomplish they wish and speed also is an issue (Olson, 2012). Therefore considering air transport is efficient as it will save on time as other means such as sea can take a very long time yet the schedule which we are dealing with is very short and we have no time to waste. Going to a place unknown to you can significant problems as it will be hard to know what to expect. For instance, most developed countries have quite high rates of living considering those of developed countries (Banfield, 2002). Careful research has to be undertaken to determine which place is safe and cost-efficient for residing, and therefore, it will be easy to conduct all the affairs without any problems. A modest hotel is suitable especially if it is advocated for by any of their citizens which you have partnered with for the trip.

Besides, I will work with various stakeholders to ensure my mission is a success. They will include among others lecturers and many fellow students. The ministry of sports, in partnership with the government, should also help with the finances required and documents for traveling. Travel agencies will also be vital as they will easily facilitate traveling as they have key details to ensure that the plan is highly successful. An inside man in the country of travel to facilitate the movement is also very important, and another key person who can significantly help is a competent interpreter to sought out the issues of understanding the language of foreigners and enhance communication between different parties.

A lot of resources are required in the trip key among them are balls, uniforms, and types of equipment that are required for training. A team bus is also essential for efficient traveling during the trip. Taking a great talented team with about 28 players, with a sports staff of 3 coaches, a team of 4 medical doctors and about four support staff tasked with helping the players adapt and stay at the top level. Doctors will look into the health of the players, and the players will take part in the competition while the coaches will train them (Brett, 2011). Some people who have no interest in moving around can pose a huge challenge in that they will start complaining of petty things as it will be tough for them to adapt to challenges.

Arguably, it is very important to take traveling very important during any team trip as it can affect their results even in a competition as they need motivation so that they can produce great results. Nonetheless, any trip is very sensitive as it is hard to settle right away in a different environment, especially if it is an entirely new place. Specific measures must, therefore, be put into consideration to ensure a trip is successful as it will bring an impact to the team. All in all, each stakeholder must play their part well as they play a massive part in the success of the trip. The ministry of sports must be serious on its dealings to better the sports in the country by investing in young talent such as those in schools.


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