Paper Example on Contrasting Attitudes on the Subject of Abortion

Published: 2023-01-13
Paper Example on Contrasting Attitudes on the Subject of Abortion
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In contemporary society, abortion has become one of the most sophisticated and controversial subjects of discussion. Abortion is adequately described as the medical procedure primarily used to terminate pregnancies or in other words, the discontinuation of a pregnancy through the removal of the fetus (Guido, 2017). Ideally, most people view the act as immoral and cruel and is often well-thought-out as a grave sin. The major controversy surrounding this subject is thus whether it should be considered as a moral or a legal issue? The two substantial opposing points of view regarding abortion is more similar to the two sides of a coin where on one side they argue that it is the legal right of a woman to make decisions on her own commonly referred to as the pro-choice advocates while on the other hand is the pro-life supporters who determinedly embrace that it is the intuition to respect and protect an innocent life (Guido, 2017). However, the controversial question about whether a woman should have a legal right to abort impacts various levels of our lives. Attitudes concerning the right to abortion have enormously depicted to be affiliated with an extensive range of factors which includes demographic features like marital status, education and age as well as some attitudinal factors for examples family values and religious preference (Guido, 2017). The chief objective of this essay is, therefore, to delineate the two views on this controversial issue in one form of contrasting or comparison composition. Typically, my opinion is that abortions should not be legally accepted to secure a human life primarily because it is a well-known fact that a fetus is the beginning of life and abortion is an abomination.

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In view of this, abortion is more of taking away or murdering an innocent life. Once a child is born, the parents are served with the responsibility of ensuring the most excellent and vital care as possible although some women ought to disagree with this mainly as a result of their different personal issues like financial difficulties. Alternatively, if taking care of the child is beyond the capability of a parent, it is much better and morally acceptable to give out the child for adoption instead of killing it (Mohamed, 2018). Approximately seventy per cent of the population supports pro-life, implying that they put a large amount of focus on the importance of the fetus life while the remaining percent are pro-choice, advocating for women's right to control their body (Guido, 2017). Equally, if a woman has the potential of conceiving a child, then she should also be ready and have the willingness to take care of her child. For every abortion, an innocent human life is terminated resulting in some potential life-impacting consequences to the mother, for instance, it can lead to a wide array of mental or psychological side effects like suicidal thoughts, regret or depression (Mohamed, 2018). In essence, God provides humans with life and therefore they have no right to take it away at any instance and for those women who attempts this horrendous act is a subject to a variety of complications and risks issues with future conception as well as permanent emotional scars that are hard to forget as the mother.

Additionally, one of the most outrageous things concerning abortion is that it has significantly become common amongst young girls of today's generation. To effectively fight against abortion, creating awareness and improving education on the topic is extremely crucial (Morales, 2018). Education programs about reproduction play a prominent role in assisting the young girls to gain profound knowledge on the consequences associated with the pregnancy termination and this, in turn, ensures fewer unwanted pregnancies and fewer cases of abortions (Guido, 2017). The value of human life cannot be evaluated and as such, significant laws should be enacted to make abortion illegal whereas after all there are numerous institutions and affluent couples who are ready to adopt and take care of the unwanted child.

In contrast, in the view of the pro-choice supporters, many assert that abortion is moral. Pursuing further on this argument, they insist that although abortion can lead to dangerous health consequences, it is an appropriate way to prevent unwanted children from life discomforts and also overcrowded population. Financial difficulties are one of the significant causes of abortion, and according to the pro-choice activists' point of view it is an absolute way to give a woman the peace of mind, and thus it should be the mother's choice on whether to undergo the pain or to keep the pregnancy (Morales, 2018). For the pro-choice supporters, they also argue that the fetus is not living and thus should not be considered as a real human being. In most cases, teenage girls in college or high school fall pregnant and often find themselves in a dilemma on whether to choose education or the baby. Undeniably, knowledge is very crucial, especially in contemporary society, and as a result, practising abortion is an excellent decision of saving the young girls from their unfortunate situations (Morales, 2018). In other cases, it is a requirement for a woman to undergo an abortion with the physicians directive to survive from pregnancy complications, and this is mainly performed through careful surgical procedures or medication.

Abortion is a prevalent act in today's generation, and according to my view, individuals who consider the fetus as non-living humans are heartless and should be regarded as criminals while the entire act prohibited completely (Patev, Hood & Hall, 2019). Education becomes an essential factor to assist women in avoiding early pregnancies, which in turn reduces instances of abortion dramatically. Making abortion illegal or instead, being pro-life is a substantial way of portraying respect for precious human life (Patev, Hood & Hall, 2019). One primary consequence of abortion is death and also due to the legalization of the action in some countries t has led to an increase in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases.

In conclusion, instead of legalizing abortion, it is a vital obligation of society to protect and ensure that every child has the opportunity to live. Giving away a child for adoption is morally accepted as compared to terminating it. Abortion is, however, a horrid act that costs the life of both the fetus and the mother and therefore, it should be condemned entirely in the harsh terms possible.


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