Contemporary Issues on Indigenous Basketball Team - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-08
Contemporary Issues on Indigenous Basketball Team - Paper Example
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The Indigenous Basketball Team is a sport that brings over 1400 people in a single game together in the community and fights against gas sponsorship. It becomes a celebration in which people come together to party along. Thus, some gas companies come in to sponsor the event for them to be known in society. However, most people involved in the tournament find this way to play politics in the sport. This analysis will identify contemporary issues that affect the basketball sport.

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Different people have varying opinions concerning the sponsorship of all native basketball tournaments. Sports are essential to the communities as it acts as a unifying attribute to them. Basketball is a sport of culture that almost all natives have grown up enjoying and being part of. Politicians have identified sports as one way to curb the aspect of racism pandemic that often arises (Dodds, 2019) They have used this approach to approach the communities that have faced criticism that may cause divisions in case of sponsorship from firms that the society may be having rivals with.

At times this uniting sport becomes a battlefield among supporters. It is evident how sports competition impacts heavily on the political tensions among the countries. In the long run, they will showcase their political support based on the team's sponsorship, which creates sports court rivals. Politics has its way of infiltrating and permeating the sporting event. Each country has a basketball team in which they are supporting the tournament. These supporters require the managers of the game to be fair during the play (Robson, 2018) In this case, therefore, some political individual tries to sabotage fairness since they had sponsored the event the different cultures among the communities will engage in the battlefield as they seek for justice for the teams they support which could bring a massive rival among states in each sport that will occur from there henceforth.

Indigenous Basketball Team Fighting Gas Sponsorship has faced resistance to the corporate sponsorship from Skidegate Saints. Liquefied natural gas companies found their corporate responsibility to finance the event for the comfort of the communities. The Skidegate Saints have mobilized active protest against the weak contest. The captain of the playing team of the native basketball team by the name of Rupert Prince felt dissatisfied due to the sponsorship that the event planners accepted from the oil and gas industries (Djaballah, 2017). He argues that he feels the firms are playing some politics and having them as an assault on First Nation culture. The team was never involved in decision-making, thus overruling their concern about ending the bridge that existed for three years.

The team members, however, have reasons as to why they have continuously resisted the sponsorship. For instance, the oil and gas industries have no business being involved in matters concerning cultures and bringing people together, which is the main objective of the basketball tournament. The sponsorship diminished the all-native rebuilding of the communities of which outside forces do not count. When sponsors come in, they dictate the team's motives that do not fulfill the desires of the players as well as their supporters which affects their performance.

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