College Application Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-02 13:54:04
College Application Essay Sample
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My behavior is shaped by the family backgrounds. However, as we grow up and relate to other people, our behavior changes based on the interactions with the people that we meet. Consequently, it is known that the differences between the generations in the world relate to three areas which include the education, the communication, and the lifestyle. The way I communicate is influenced by how I have been brought up by my parents. The way I was raised has shaped me and made me different from the other people in the society. My parent’s language was different from that spoken by the neighbors in our community. Thus, the language that I learned was influenced by my parent’s language. However, as I grew up, the language changed due to the interactions with other people from different backgrounds.

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My unique background is the way I was brought up. My parents were wealthy and thus, I was privileged to get everything that I required. For example, when I was twelve years old, I was driving my vehicle, something that was unique in the community that we lived in since most parents in that community were unable to buy vehicles. However, as I grew up and interacted with different people in the society, I understood that my background was not the same as the one for other people I interacted with. For instance, since I was brought up from a well-off family, I found out that most of the people that I interacted with were from poor backgrounds. Thus, at first, it was difficult for me to interact with these people but with time, I understood them and we were able to interact smoothly. Therefore, if the differences are put in a similar situation today, I would respond in a positive way since I have learned how to interact with people from different backgrounds and how to treat them well.

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