Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Reality TV and Real Life

Published: 2019-09-25
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Reality TV and Real Life
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Over the past generation, the television shows have drastically changed. Nowadays, when individuals turn their TVs on, they are likely to come across a reality TV. As much as some of these shows are time-consuming, viewers are drawn into them since they are based on what is happening in real life and at the same time entertaining. The essay will highlight the difference between and similarities between these reality TV and real life.

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To begin with, the main purpose of reality TV is to show viewers the real life of ordinary individuals who are living somewhere in the world by filming the hustle they are going through, actual events and good moments they are having. It can be realized that most of these events being filmed are the same events being experienced in real life. For example, we can see individuals in reality TV having friends, families, going to work among others activities. The reality TV shows are actually created for entertaining purposes. There is no way an individual can be dramatic as portrayed in reality TV, this clearly shows that these shows are always edited by producers. It could have been hard for a person to sit on his/her sofa watching the life of another person somewhere without drama. The other similarity that can be portrayed is that most of the reality TVs show current real events that are happening in social life. Most of the shows are up to date with things like fashion, technology, and trending events. For example, individuals can be seen with latest launched iPhone cars and live in latest house designs (Kavka)

Focusing on the differences, the reality TV individuals covers a lot of activities within the shortest time. The time taken in completing most of the activities in reality TV is so exaggerative. For example, "this present reality" when we are unsatisfied with our bodies, working out enthusiastically and eating less reliably over, a broad timeframe are required to accomplish the physical qualities we are looking for. But for those individuals in reality TV, it takes them 30-60 seconds to wake up, takes a shower, takes breakfast and drives to a job. Secondly, the reality TV is more of perfection as compared to what happens in real life (Hill).

In modern life, a lot of families when taking their dinners eat from their rooms at the same time they are talking on phone other activities, but in reality TV, the families tend to sit together at the same table, chatting how everyone days was and do very little eating. Another inaccurate thing about reality TV is the lack of use of laptops phones and other gadgets but in real life, individuals are involved in texting, talking to their cellular devices and playing games. The reality TV should have characters that aren't busy talking for the sake of authenticity. Additionally, the reality TV is more of edited and pimped. Naturally, when someone brushes his/teeth, bubbly froth and saliva gathers, bringing about a foamy, toothpaste covered mouth. However, on reality TV, you can see individuals brushing their teeth without a small amount of Colgate buildup (Borowski and Sugiura).

To conclude, reality TV were not created based on the actual lives of ordinary individuals but rather for the purpose of entertainment.

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