HRM Essay Sample: Anti-Discrimination Policy for International Freighters Ltd

Published: 2019-10-28
HRM Essay Sample: Anti-Discrimination Policy for International Freighters Ltd
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Work discrimination is a devastating problem, and it is an act of denying others fundamental human rights. Some people fall victim to different treatment because of age, gender, or race (Dipboye and Colella 2). This antidiscrimination policy will ensure that all individuals in International Freighters Ltd have equal employment opportunities in all aspects of work such as compensation, hiring, termination, and promotions. Concerning age and sex, it means that all persons will be treated with respect and thrive in an environment free of discrimination. Everybody in this organization including employees, supervisors, and managers have an obligation to abide by the antidiscrimination policy. The management will ensure that all persons in the organization receive a copy of the anti-discriminatory policy.

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International Freighters Ltd is hopeful to implement measures that will ensure every individual is protected from any forms of discriminatory activities within the work environment. Any individuals reported on discriminatory issues within the organization will face discriminatory actions. From experience, many individuals have been harmed by decisions affecting their job due to age discriminatory issues. In some instances, some people miss out opportunities they have qualified for because the person in charge wanted younger looking individuals. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 states that individuals should not be discriminated based on age. This Act prohibits employment discrimination of persons at the age of 40 years or above (The Age Discrimination in Employment Act). In most instances, many employers are in pursuit of productivity, and older individuals are disadvantaged under this aspect.

Various actions will be considered illegal in this Company concerning age. Supervisors should not give some individuals negative feedbacks because of they are less flexible or make harsh age-based remarks. Disproportionate targeting of old employees for layoff is illegal. It is apparent that after the recessions, many companies target old employees for layoffs. It is a violation of equal employment rights as it is hard for these individuals to acquire jobs in new places. Regardless of the age of the director, preferring young individuals is an act of discrimination.

Other forms of intolerable behavior include sexual harassment and racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination. Some employers prefer one gender over another, which may form the basis for discriminatory behavior. In International Freighters Ltd, individuals should not be harassed or paid less based on their sexual orientation. Also, in some places, it is common for individuals to receive different treatment because they do not possess characteristics linked to a particular race such as skin color. The employer and the fellow employees will not discriminate against others based on their religious beliefs.

If a person experiences any form of discrimination in this Company, it is important to notify the employer that one feels victimized. From a personal observation, a lot of unlawful acts of discrimination remain unpunished because sufferers fail to show their awareness on the illegality of such behavior. Just like any other employer, International Freighters Ltd is obliged to comply with the anti-discriminatory laws. However, individuals are responsible in protecting their human rights.

All individuals have the right to pursue discrimination claims. However, false accusations will be treated as serious offenses, and the accuser will face disciplinary action. Any individuals with queries about the anti-discriminatory policy should feel free to engage the Director of the Company on the matter.

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