Compare and Contrast Paper on U.S. And China Counter-Terrorist Strategy

Published: 2023-03-16
Compare and Contrast Paper on U.S. And China Counter-Terrorist Strategy
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The concept of terrorism continues to threaten world peace as well as the economic wellness of the countries. The quagmire contributed to the need for a method to reduce or finish the act by devising a counter plan to fight terrorism. Chinese and American governments cooperated in designing a counterterrorism strategy.

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Partnership Project Against Terrorism

Silverberg (2019) notes a partnership between the two governments where the pentagon devised a new national security strategy intending to fight terrorism. The government relegated the terrorism threat to pre -9/11 levels. The Chinese government, through a strategic rival, shares the broad vital concern about terrorism and other transnational threats to India. The Chinese government employed various counterterrorism strategies by investing in economic corridors stretching across Pakistan with a motive of gaining access to the People's Liberation Army. The Chinese government passed legislation that allows police to conduct oversees military operations against terrorism. The chines government also established a military base in Djibouti, which aims to strengthen peacekeeping operations in African states and fight the terrorists in the continent. The united states consider comprehensive strategy in the quest to fight terrorism by the application of a blend of diplomatic, military incentives, and economic plans of fighting against terrorist activities. The U.S. government also employed the strategy of agreeing to suspend the tariff war with the Chinese government so they could partner and fight the terrorism activity in unison. The government of the united states decided to remain clear-eyed in supporting the Chinese government on their quest to fight terrorism by choosing a common bilateral association in the fight against terrorism.

Chinese Government No Mercy Strategy

According to (Ramzy, Buckley & Buckley, 2019), the leaked files of Xinjiang China suggest that the Chinese government employed the criteria of detaining Muslim students through a strategy of an ethnic minority in the country. The Chinese students were locked in detention camps upon the eruption of terrorist activities in the Chinese far west regions. The detention included the bureaucratic guide for handling their anguished question about the incidence that had happened to their parents. The detainees undergo a series of interrogations and indoctrinations, which aims to convert them into worldly and trustworthy followers of the ruling political power. Mr. Xi also issued a dictatorship directive against the Islamic extremists in a quest to tame the terrorists. In his speech, he asked the revelry to let loose apparatus of despotism to such groups in a quest to eliminate deep-seated Islam in Xinjiang. The then, presidents, also employed the concept of religion control to counterterrorism activities. The president demanded an ideological cure, signifying that his predecessor had failed their sentinel. The president continued to suggest surveillance and intelligence plan against Uigur society, which represents the source of resistance and threat to terrorism existence.

The New United States Counterterrorism Strategy

According to ("New U.S. Strategy for Counterterrorism," 2019), the president of the united states promised to continue the fight against terrorism by devising a new method. The president approved a counterterrorism strategy that aimed at helping protect the nation and tighten national security. The measure entailed partnering with coalition partners to decimate isis in Iraq and Syria, provision of the windfall for Islamic revolutionary guards, and its proximities. The government also aims at securing increased funding in the defense sector to rebuild military prowess in the country. The counterterrorism strategy applied by the united states provides strategic guidance necessary for united states protection against terrorism threats. The plan aims at nurturing the nimbleness to foresee, thwart and counter to fresh terrorization. The policy suggests the use of aggressive pursuit in a quest to end terrorist activities. The plan works based on various principles, which include placing Americans first, using all the instruments available to counter-terrorist events. The protection of the country against all terrorist threats, recognizing that America first does not mean America alone and protection of homeland by building secure borders and strengthening security at the port.

Application Of The National Strategy for Counterterrorism

According to ("Document: National Strategy for Counterterrorism 2018", 2019), in a quest to renovate America's power and safety, the American government rejuvenated the armed forces through action and leadership, winning against terrorism aim to threaten American peace. America employs accessible gears at its discarding to contest radical activities, counter global terrorist networks, and facing homespun terrorization grown by rebel misinformation. The strategy recognizes the range of risks and confronts the threats within range and outside borders.

Positive Results On Counterterrorism

According to Kong (2019), Chinese counterterrorism activity in Xinjiang proves extremely efficient and vital input to the international terrorist fight course. Chinese national councilor and overseas lawmaker Wang Yi alleged on Wednesday at the UN. Wang suggested defensive counterterrorism actions the Chinese state takes in the western expanse. According to him, the affairs prove essential preventive counterterrorism and tangible stepladder in devising a sketch of a feat to avert violence. This counterterrorism and de-radicalization has helped in the reduction of radical actions in the area and protected the essential rules of twenty-five million populace of Xinjiang, counting the rights of development.

For about two hundred decades, different races in Xinjiang suffered deeply from terrorism. Thousands of cases happened in the section from the 90s leading to very many casualties, but the measures taken such acts have not occurred for the past three years. As a result of this, economic growth has ee achieved, and religious freedom is highly appreciated. According to Wang, the confined market has developed by eighty times it was some years back. The figure of the consecrated site has also developed an average of five hundred, and thirty Islamic populace in Xinjiang possess a mosque.

A minority of western nations continue aggressing and discrediting China for its actions of opinionated purpose in ignorance of the truth. United States representative Jonathan Cohen expressed worry over the Xinjiang problems. China rejected this and asked the U N to stand with the U.S. people. Global collaboration shapes the precedence of the U.S. counterterrorism policy. According to Antonio Guterres, the overall secretary of the United Nations. Through the Shanghai collaboration association, the joint defense, accord group, and the commonwealth of sovereign nations, the U.N. strengthens its cooperation. The United Nations and the safety assembly should acquire middle tasks in the battle aligned with the terror campaign.


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