Types of Lies Essay Samples

Published: 2018-05-08
Types of Lies Essay Samples
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There are three types of lies

The primary reason as to why individual lie has not been established. Psychological analysts’ around the globe have done numerous researches into the matter and several theories have been put forth. People majorly lie with varying intentions. This essay will discuss types of lies and the reasons as to why people lie.

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Types of lies.

White lie

This type of lie is applied by an individual when he or she does not want to hurt the feelings of others. Such kind of deceit is primarily applied by an individual who has got the sense of love for others. The reason as to why they lie to the other person is to prevent the arousal of psychological and emotional torture. For instance, an individual might lose a loved one through death. Breaking the news to the bereaved is the toughest part as it might abruptly hit them and the aftermath might be detrimental to their health. Rather than directly telling the person that their loved one is gone, an individual lies in order to prevent such painful scenario.

Beneficial lie

This form of deceit is perpetrated by individuals who want to gain something. This form of lie comes in different forms. Majorly, perpetrators of such kind of lie have the motive of acquiring physical element from the person being lied to. In a majority of instances, the victim who has been deceived ends up losing a lot as the liar might evade the accusations if found guilty. For instance, an individual might lure a friend into spending money with another pal. After he or she gets his or her share, they disappear leaving the affected individual with their own problems.

Deceptive lie

This is whereby the liar tries convincing an individual with the aim of causing harm and pain. The main reason as to why an individual can apply this form of lie is to take revenge on the other person. For instance, a wife might be eyeing the property of her rich husband. She plans to kill him and devices a tactical method that will not trace her involvement. She convinces her husband to travel with her to the town at night. While on the road, they are attacked and the husband gets killed by the wife’s goons.

Reasons why people lie

Getting out of a complex situation is the number one factor that makes people lie. When one finds himself or herself in a rocky desert, lying becomes the best option to get them out. Also, people lie due to greed. This is usually done when an individual wants to acquire money or wealth. Also, individuals who are in a relationship lie in order to cheat on their spouses. One partner might be having an affair with a different person and to make the relationship last with the official partners, a lie becomes the best option. Also, an individual might lie with the intention of covering a secret that he or she does not want to expose. For instance, a brother and sister might be having sexual affairs matters. In order to keep it a secret, they have to lie to their parents and anyone who might be suspicious towards their relationship.


Despite having a number of pros, the cons of lying outweigh the advantages. Forms of lies such as beneficial and deceptive ones lead to the suffering and pain to the affected people. If humans would have the feeling of love and affection for others, the aspect of lying would be eradicated and the world would be a better place to live in.

Different types of lies

Lies of omission

These lies are serious as they involve leaving out a very important piece of information. One has to apply caution and not take what one is taken as the gospel truth. One should do some digging so as to verify what has been presented to them as facts before making a decision. This is especially so when making a major deal such as purchase of a house, land or car.

Lies of influence

These are also known as character lies. Here, a liar will present themselves as someone beyond any reproach so that you do not even suspect them. Someone may start quoting bible verses and also talking about church and claim the way they cannot sin. in this way you will not suspect them to be lying to you.

Lies of commission

These are lies that sugarcoat the actual truth so as to say something that would appear more favourable than the truth.People have got very many reasons for lying. For some, it has become so habitual that they do not think it even matters. Those people are known as pathological liars. They have different motivations to keep on lying. they may lie because they do not want to disappoint the person they are talking to. They paint a grandiose picture of their situation so they can command one's attention. they feel that if they said the truth it would shame them.

Other people tell lies as a way of taking control. They feel like they would lose control if they told the truth and become victims of their circumstances. They try to maintain a facade so as to get the reaction they want. Some liars tell a small lie and cover it up with a bigger lie. This goes on and on and the lies snowball. The liar has got to remember each and every lie they have ever told because admitting to any one of them means everything they have told is a lie. This is a very dangerous trend because the person loses trust with people when their lies come tumbling down.\n\nSome pathological liars while under pressure because so stressed up that they cannot deal with the situation at hand. They then create some alternative reality in their mind and come up with narratives to support it. Such people may have even a multi personality disorder. Some people simply lie for gain. In a given situation, they may lie to present themselves as a suitable candidate to win the reward. This is especially so in job applications and interviews. Recruiters and interviewers are charged with the task of sifting the wheat from the chaff. The interviewees post some fake work experience in their resumes. Others may even forge certificates. The recruitment process becomes very complicated and assumes a form of interrogation so as to get only the genuine persons and also able and fit to the task.Lying is a vice but then a little lie never hurt nobody.

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