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My neighborhood and on being white, female, born in Bensonhurst similarities

The two essays describe racism and ethnicity that used to exist in the two neighborhood. They all talk about the discrimination against the blacks in America more than any other ethnic group. In both essays, the black Americans were looked down upon and they were seen as a dangerous group of people because of their color. The black people were mistreated by the white police owing to such a perception as compared to the other ethnic groups (Barone, 2006). The two essays describe the lifestyle within the neighborhood and how the ethnic groups used to handle each other. In both articles, the direct speech is and quoted accordingly. As a result, the writers of these essays all come from the minority community within Americans.

Compare and Contrast Essay Example

In the “My neighborhood,” it purely talks about the white and black people and how they used to treat each other while in the other essay, it speaks of all colored groups of individuals whether African, Asian or Italian. “My neighborhood” article describes how the whites discriminated against black people while in the “On Being White, Female, and Born in Bensonhurst” essay, explains the hatred that other minority groups plus the white people have against the blacks (Miller, 2015). In the “On Being White, Female, and Born in Bensonhurst” essay, it involves a short play like drama what does not feature in the other essay. The essays have different settings where there were different experiences. The authors were also from the various ethnic groups; one is a black American while the other is Italian

These two essays describe racism and ethnicity that exist in America. The black Americans face many challenges within their neighborhood owing to the current perception among the white communities. The white police have always mistreated the black Americans. In the second essay, the blacks were referred to as colored and seen as the most dangerous beings on earth. Even the other minority groups like Asians and Italians hated them too. The essays thus describe the kind of lifestyle as well as the relationship of people living in these two neighborhoods. They all talk about their communities and the kind of activities that happens or used to happen back then. The black population experienced hate from all who associated with them and blamed them for all incidents that arose within their neighbor. In the first essay it only talks about the white and the blacks while in the second article, it involves all the minority groups plus the whites communities (Miller, 2015). In the second essay, a short play is present in the article what does not feature in the first essay. In both essays, there is the use of direct speech where the speech marks used were necessary. The writer of the “My Neighborhood” article is a black American the color that has made him meaningless and the other essay, on the contrary, the author is an Italian whose people also hate black people. According to these two essays, black Americans seen as nothing and they tend to associate them with crime taking place within their neighborhood. Their colored body usually let them down since they are always judged based on their color.

Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

The most revealing similarities in these two essays include; the two articles describes racism and ethnicity that used to exist in the two neighborhood thus harmed by the people who should offer them a security assurance. They treat them without any compassion. On the other hand, while looking at the actual differences between the articles, the most revealing difference is in the “My neighborhood.” It purely talks about the white and black people and how they used to treat each other while in the other essay, talks about the rest of the colored groups whether African, Asian or Italian.

The key similarity that exists between the two essays is that the black people are treated ruthlessly by the white police officers. Anyone in the world expects help from the law enforcement officers who should ensure they are all protected. In the two essays, we also find that the public expects the police officers to provide them security despite the law-enforcement officers have become brutal and mistreated the blacks. Blacks are just like any other people who deserve equal treatment as the rest of the communities. The most significant difference between the two essays is that both their authors are from different groups. The authors come from two different groups though they still address one single issue, that is, racism. The hatred that exists between these two groups did not hinder them from addressing their differences that intensify the case (Barone, 2006).


The most expected similarity is that all the writers of these essays are black Americans since they are all are in favor for the blacks. The most likely difference, on the other hand, the blacks are protected by the police from their adversaries and ensure safety regardless of their race since it’s their constitutional right.


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Miller, E. A. (2015). Cultivating an Unexpected Community Inclusivity of Immigrant Service Workers in a Wealthy Neighborhood. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 44(3), -361. 


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