Essay Sample about Community Relations with Police

Published: 2022-04-20
Essay Sample about Community Relations with Police
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To maintain public security and efficiency policing powerful association of mutual trust between societies and the police organizations are important (Cordner, 2014). Police management often relies on the association of society members to offer information regarding a particular crime within the community. Communities work closely with police to establish solutions that enable them to control disorder challenges as well as crime. Additionally, members of the public's willingness to trust security personnel often depend on whether the community members believe that police activity reflect societal values and integrate the concept of legitimacy and justice. Various experts argue that the most efficient method to address societal relationship with police agencies includes hiring police officers sharing similar demographics with the society who they serve. On the other hand, instances of security personnel using excessive force and other problems reduce the legitimacy of the officers from the community.

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Advantages of Using Police Officers from the Same Community

Employing police officers from similar demographics enhances discussion and knowledge development between the society and the officers where both parties come up with solutions to the problems facing them. It is important that police officers acknowledge the historical part of racial minorities who experienced injustices in the hands of security personnel. Utilizing officers from the same community enhances accountability and transparency. Additionally, the relationship between the society and the police officers reduces biases and enhances cultural competences. Officers deployed on their localities mostly place their focus on the significance of the collaboration, and they become an icon of the communities they serve. Police officers working within their communities enhance internal diversity as well as ensuring professional development opportunities.

Disadvantages of Using Police Officers from the Same Community

According to Smith and Holmes (2014) crime cases is a severe community challenge that directly decreases the quality of life of people within the society. Through the developed relationship between the members of the community and police officers, police agencies cannot effectively investigate and prevent crime without the involvement of society members. This situation has altered the police agencies from being an emergency team in preventing crime but only a practical organization consisting of complete resolutions. Additionally, deployed officers in their localities are limited to controlling disorders since the crime makers understand the officers' abilities to manage crimes thus promoting decaying neighborhoods.


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Smith, B. W., & Holmes, M. D. (2014). Police use of excessive force in minority communities: A test of the minority threat, place, and community accountability hypotheses. Social Problems, 61(1), 83-104.

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