The Ruining Psychology Essay Example

Published: 2018-07-09
The Ruining Psychology Essay Example
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Essay About The Ruining Psychological Thriller

Annie was an eight year old who had been haunted by many things, her mother never cared about her and her stepfather was a drunkard, he was often more drunk than sober often during his day and a dead little sister who Annie had been partly blaming herself. This is why she could not wait to leave home after her high school graduation. Annie was very happy when she got a job as a nanny in Belvedere Island, which was off the California coast; she was hired as a nanny in the picture-perfect Cohen family. Annie was to take care of two young children while continuing with her education; she was paying fees with part of her salary.

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She was asked by to tend to Zoe while Mrs. Libby Cohen, attended to Jackson. Annie quickly settles in all was going on well with Anne since she made friendship with Owen her handsome neighbor who was a year older than Annie was. Annie had Libby whom she considered as her older sister she never had. Soon all changed when Libby’s mood was hard to predict and she started becoming unforgiving to Annie when she started Idolizing Libby, Libby considered herself older she complained about thing that Annie did not remember doing like Annie staring to her husband. This ruins Annie’s life and Annie’s hours of work was increased, and the door to her bedroom was unhinged this made Annie to feel like she was being watched. This makes Annie struggle in the demanding new life that changed. This made her to experience a frightening hallucination. Is she turning into a mud person or a sinister in the play?


The Ruining is a psychological thriller and the beginning of the story is started offspring about the teenage girl with horrific home back in California she gets a nanny, and at some point, the she lives well, but ended up too fast and with suspense since Libby who was good changes at once and becomes wild to Annie. The author leaves the reader with a lot of questioning when Annie’s life became well and there at that point something felt suspicious, Annie had a nanny job in a wealthy family and she even experienced romance with his neighbor, Owen and at this point Annie had experienced reality. The author should have added more details at the ending. The ruining was filled with suspension, questions, and tension. The ending was disappointing and very predictable since Libby was hiding until the end to show her character therefore, The Ruining was a rational and tidy conclusion since the end of the story was ruined.

Libby’s character was interesting she knows how to manipulate Annie in a clever way since Annie depended on her in everything from food, money, shelter therefore making Annie not to have another place to go and putting her in a very vulnerable situation. The author did an amazing work and the raving of the reader since one expected Annie to have a good life but it ends up tumbling down. The main character makes the plot intriguing by having a mental break through slowly. Anna enable the reader to question what was real and what was not real in the book and one despising the characters. To my conclusion the author is a creative and mysterious.

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