Essay Sample on Community-Based Sentences and Restorative Justice

Published: 2023-09-13
Essay Sample on Community-Based Sentences and Restorative Justice
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Restoration justice is considered a legal approach aimed at restoring damaged traits to illegal or unlawful actions. To achieve restoration justice, there is a need for cooperation between the lawbreakers, victims, and society to lessen the damaging impact. Lawbreakers play a central role in the overall collaboration by executing community services upon request, returning items they have stolen, and asking for forgiveness. The victims involved in the case also play an essential role since they approve of sensible return for any destruction damage caused or which they have encountered or adored. Restorative justice is built in the belief that any crime or offensive activity to be directed to individuals within the community instead of using state or federal government. The study aims to analyze different case scenarios and judge whether restoration justice would work for each individual.

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Joe Case study

The information provided is sufficient to assess Joe's case. Joe has only been involved in theft cases hence enough information to evaluate him based on the earlier discussion. Joe is eligible for a community-based sentence. Restoration justice guarantees lawbreakers a chance for self-evaluation as well as the law-offenders to get an opportunity to correlate with the people in the community. Joe can be convinced to resolve the caused damage and also return the objects he has stolen. Playing his role in bringing a sense of cooperation with the victim, he will be able to get maximum gratification. The best sentence for Joe is, therefore, community service. Community service sentence applies when the individual being convicted has been involved in stealing cases. Restorative justice will be able to work with Joe since it emphasizes on improving the overall cooperation with the community. Joe needs guidance since the current working condition may be a contributing factor in stealing cases.

Donny Case Study

Donny is a young individual aged 17 years. There is a need to provide additional information concerning Donny. The reason why he is attending schools like his peers needs to be determined. Understanding the underlying issues can help have a clear understanding of which corrective measures need to be carried out on him. The best community sentence suitable for Donny should be not being allowed to participate in certain activities. The penalty will help Donny refrain from getting involved in such cases as stealing automobiles with his friends. By not attending school at his age, he needs therapy on the dangers of getting involved in such behaviors. Restoration Justice will work on Donny's cases considering his age and the extent of damage caused. Donny has no existing record of any legal violation.

Denise Case study

The information provided on Denise's case is sufficient to define her concerning restoration justice. Denise does not qualify for a community-based sentence considering her behavioral history. Restoration justice will be difficult to work for her since she has been involved in cases such as already completing three months of incarceration and negotiation for sterile instruments. She should, therefore, serve a jail sentence. Denise qualifies for government correctional facilities since the damage she has caused exceeds the qualification for restoration justice. The individuals she lives with, as well as other friends involved in breaking in different houses, represent a dangerous gang that can as well perform other life-threatening activities. Considering her age and earlier accusations, Denise may find it hard to adopt community-based sentences.

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