Combatting Coronary Heart Disease: Understanding Causes & Prevention - Paper Example

Published: 2023-11-28
Combatting Coronary Heart Disease: Understanding Causes & Prevention - Paper Example
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Heart disease is referred to as a catch-all expression for several conditions, which affect the structure as well as the function of the heart. Coronary heart ailment is a heart disease kind that results when the heart arteries fail to deliver sufficient blood that is rich in oxygen to the heart. Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of individuals' death in most developed countries such as Spain and the United States. It is caused by the plaque buildup, a waxy substance, forming in the large coronary arteries' lining. Such buildup can totally or partially block blood flow in the heart's large arteries. Different heart disease has different causes, prevention, as well as control measures, and this paper discusses the epidemiology of coronary heart disease, prevention, along with its control measures.

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Epidemiology of Coronary Heart Disease

The primary cause of death in the entire world is coronary heart disease, and it is estimated that 3.4 million females, as well as 3.8 million males, die from CHD each year (Tidy, 2014). The United Kingdom has faced several challenges from this disease since it is the common death cause in the nation. Eighty thousand deaths in the UK every year are caused by coronary heart disease, and in terms of ratio, one in five males, as well as one in seven females, die from this disease. The number of people who died from coronary heart disease in the UK in 2003 was estimated to be 114 000 (Tidy, 2014). The rate of death from coronary heart disease has fallen in the United Kingdom since the 1970s. The main cause of death reduction in the 1980s, as well as the 1990s, was caused by significant risk factors decrease, such as smoking.

Each year, this disease is responsible for 110,000 death in England, where above 1.4 million individuals suffer from angina, as well as 275,000 individuals contain a heart attack each year (Tidy, 2014). The rate of death from the disease of coronary heart is high in the North of England, Scotland, but low in the South of England. In most cases, death from CHD occurs during winter seasons, and such increased winter mortality upsurges with increasing age. Recently, the death rate of CHD is falling at a low rate in younger people but faster in older people who have 55 years and more (Tidy, 2014).

Coronary Heart Disease Prevention

Several ways have been discovered for CHD prevention. The risk factors for CHD like body weight, smoking, and diabetes mellitus continue to obstruct the CHD mortality decline (Watson, 2019). Various countries have implemented particular strategies to handle diabetes, obesity, as well as smoking to prevent the primary CHD prevention opportunity in the future. Countries such as Spain that have managed to implement these strategies have seen a positive result since the death rate has reduced at a high rate.

Sex difference has also been contributing to the cause of CHD. In terms of smoking, which has been the man cause of this disease was high in men and low in women, but recently, the smoking rate has reduced in men, and this has reduced the number of deaths in the male gender (Watson, 2019). However, in some countries where the number of females who are smoking has increased the rate of death to gender, but due to the introduction of prevention programs, some things have changed. Nerveless, it is essential to know that prevention programs need to acknowledge relevant sex variances. There are essential sex variances regarding evidence-based therapies that are being addressed between sexes in the uptake of therapy, and this is essential during acute coronary syndrome management.

Besides, evidence-based therapies are the primary support of coronary heart disease mortality prevention (Watson, 2019). The design, as well as evaluation, aims at enhancing the uptake of therapies, plus adherence is among the main focus. In some countries, increasing success has been shown by previous attempts in the CHD risk factors control like hypertension by employing multifactional interventions to upsurge treatment adherence in the central care system.

Furthermore, the introduction of health policies has played a vital role in id disease control. Previous health policy determined as the population-wide involvements have proven operative at reducing the mortality of CHD (Watson, 2019). Public health is a hybrid castigation, using biological science as well as statistical tools to build the needed knowledge base along with applying the required knowledge in politics as well as the social relations' world.

Coronary Heart Disease Control Measures

For people who are living with this condition, making choices for a healthy lifestyle as well as making use of modern treatments reduce risks for more heart problems. While the coronary disease has no cure, one can control or relieve the symptoms quickly when the control measures are considered (Franco et al., 2011). To minimize future risks as well as help in recovery after experiencing a heart problem, it is advisable to take medicines the way they are prescribed. Considering the medical prescription helps in minimizing future risks such as death because the white blood cells will remain active to fight the disease. It is also essential to avoid smoking since this increases the chances of death. Many people who have heart problems die faster if they fail to stop smoking after discovering the condition because smoking continues to cause damage to the heart. Another control measure is eating healthy foods and being physically active. Foods with a lot of facts are discouraged because they continue to block the veins hence leading to more problems.


Coronary heart disease is a severe disease, and it has affected the development of several countries due to t rate of death. In most cases, in developed countries, developed people have been victims of this problem because of what they consume. Some counties have managed to control the incidences of CHD, and these are minimizing the death rate at a high rate.


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