Paper Example. Health Equity in a Community's Perspective

Published: 2023-11-24
Paper Example. Health Equity in a Community's Perspective
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The concept of community health stems from the notion that a nation's prosperity depends on the well-being of its people. Community health involves the well-being of mental and physical health, disease prevention, and management of natural disasters. Public health maintenance faces many challenges, including health equity, where a community strives to uphold fairness in promoting and improving the health status of its members. Baciu et al. (2017) stated that in terms of health equity in the U.S., good health benefits, poor health, and disease burden inequitably spread among certain groups. Health equity is a community health concern because it affects the public, and if not well maintained, could place a nation in jeopardy.

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The primary stakeholders are the marginalized groups, such as immigrants and the people of color, low-income earners. Baciu et al. (2017) revealed that a nation's economy, security, and finances could deteriorate in the absence of health equity. The community, local and national leaders are responsible for responding to health inequity. APHA (2020) explained that some groups in the U.S. are less likely to have water and sanitation rights than others, and this makes them susceptible to diseases. Hosseinpoor et al. (2018) advocated for monitoring of health inequalities as a means of generating evidence for forming equity-based policies hence serving the public, especially the disadvantaged. Inneh (2018) believed that leaders need to set aside political differences for the common good of the people in terms of achieving sustainable health reforms for equity.

In conclusion, health equity is a concern of community health since if mismanaged, it could cause a country, immense trouble. Marginalized groups suffer the most in the presence of mishandled health equity, for instance, in terms of water sanitation and accessibility. Health equity monitoring and disregarding politics is useful for enhancing reforms for public health.


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