Color Discrimination: A Loss of Hope for African American Youths - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-10-27
Color Discrimination: A Loss of Hope for African American Youths - Essay Sample
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For an extended period, the aspect of having inequality issues due to color discrimination has resulted in a loss of hope, especially to young African Americans. There is this perspective that African American youths are from low–income families, which makes them associated with various scenes of crime. It is also noted that the system does not recognize fully young African America, and most of their rights are violated. Even in the issue of securing jobs, the chances for them to get an opportunity are low compared to their white counterparts (Waters, 2017). The situation has become worse, especially in Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas as spikes of violence arises where officers are regular shooting of young Africa n American. African. It is a situation which has made the affected or target group to lose hope in life.

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The issue of loss of hope of young African American needs a blueprint for the state of security in the selected communities and in the whole country. It is a blueprint that will light the path toward restoring the real hope and opportunity for the vulnerable group. Th rates of violence against the young African American should remain unacceptable as it leads to untold suffering to the targeted individuals (Waters, 2017). Violence and discrimination prevent them from reaching their full potential as citizens. That loss of hope does not affect African American young people alone but also the entire families, the neighborhoods, and communities.

When those young people lose hope, there is a lot of professionalism lost. For example, it could be a doctor, a president, the next scientist who could discover the cure of cancer, an investor, or even a teacher. In the case where these young African Americans are lost through killings, it results in loss of flexible labor, which could have long term consequences and affect productivity.

It is the high time that proper administration should act on the long–term transformation of society’s perception of African Americans. It is at this point that more opportunities should be granted to African American young people as a sign of encouragement and support to live to their potential. At the cities and estates, it is believed that mayors and the city leaders can play a crucial part in triggering communities to come together and improve social life with no violence and discrimination (Waters, 2017). They are some actions which should betake to ensure that most of young African American ha the sense of identity and their hope is restored. These step actions include;

Bringing all the decks on the deck

It is an aspect of taking the welfare of young African Americans as the collective responsibility of members of the business community to the philanthropy sectors College. (Graham & Pinto, 2019). The collaboration in these sectors will help reduce the violence and lead to a general improvement of the community.

Creation of Multilayer action plan

The cities can create a detailed action plan which measures particular outcomes for African American youth. It is a plan which should encompass agencies’ cross-section and the systems to define children’s welfare, the level ad quality of education, the justice, and finally development of the workforce.

Engaging African American in solution development strategies

The young African Americans should have their representative when it comes to developing the solutions to the challenges affecting their lives. It is a scenario that can lead to the victims' full representation of the relevant stakeholders (Graham & Pinto, 2019). Having full representations in solution developing strategies has a high possibility of restoring hope to the target individuals.


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